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Role Playing Guidelines

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Role Playing Guidelines


These are the rules that should be observed in the Role Playing sub-forum. Role Playing is a forum for... you guessed it, RPs.


1)  When you are speaking or writing out of character, please put (OOC) (/OOC) around the dialogue.


2) Don't make an entire post out of character.


3) You may post a separate thread from your main thread that is exclusively for out of character comments, feedback, and discussion on where you want to take the RP. Make sure to tag this thread with OOC, and include (OOC) in the title.


Example: Title (OOC)


4) Keep OOC comments in posts small, OOC threads allow for back and forth discussions and such, so posts should not contain OOC back and forth conversations.



Where these rules do not conflict , all Global Rules still apply.


Some General Suggestions for RPs


Please keep responses and such grammatically correct. No one wants to Role Play with responses they can't easily read, understand, and respond to.


Try to plan ahead in OOC threads, it would suck to get to a certain location in a story and not know what to have happen next. At the same time, try to keep that good old RP spontaneity alive.


Thread starters should have clear rules on where the RPers can go and do within the story beforehand so that people don't go off on tangents that ruin story threads, defy world logic, etc.


Thread starters should try not to restrict players too much as far as what they are allowed to do. Less rules and more freedom is a general rule of thumb. Restrictive RPs are never as fun as ones that allow the players to be spontaneous.

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