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version 1.0

version history
v.1.0 - 2013.02.08 - finish the script

1) seal/disable the skill type COMMAND in battle. (greyed)
2) can seal ALL skill type using notetags (instead of adding it one by one)
3) can seal skill type which belong to certain category (you define it)
instead of adding it one by one.

when we add skill type to actor and then add trait to seal that skill type... in battle the command of that skill type still enabled. then when we enter the command inside the skill list then the skills are all greyed.

this script change this behavior. now the skill type COMMAND is greyed instead. it will inform player faster
that those skill types is Sealed (because of enemy making you silenced, etc). without need to enter the skill window to know that skill type sealed.

this script also provide way to add notetags to seal ALL skill type instead of adding
each skill type you want to seal one by one to traits box.

this script also provide way to add notetags to seal CERTAIN group of skill type
instead of adding each skill type you want to seal one by one to trait box.

1) before using this script...





2) after using the script



3) we can seal skill types by category too (you define what category the skill types belong in the script config).

forbidden category is only :all. since it's used in other sealing method.



4) you can give notetags to seal ALL skill type (have config what skill type to excluded. Skill type: None is ALWAYS

Excluded from this Tags)






Not needed

if using any script that change 'attack'/'guard' skill id such as yanfly weapon attack replace,
victor's attack and guard skill, and other...

you MUST made the attack and guard skill SKILL TYPE to None. or it will be disabled too
when you give tag <all_stype_seal>. since basically the attack, and guard is also skill.

if you still NEED to use stype_id for your attack / guard skill. for whatever the purpose is...
add the configuration what skill type id that don't get sealed using all skill seal
then you need to seal the stype manually using trait box.

How to use:
basically just seal the skill via trait box and you'll see the difference.

advanced usage:
1) seal all skill type:
give notetags to actor/class/subclass/weapon/armor/state

2) seal skill type by category:
first define the category inside the hash in module ESTRIOLE.
format is like this:
:category => [stypeid,stypeid,stypeid,stypeid],
then just give notetags to the actor/class/subclass/weapon/armor/state
where x replaced by the category name you define above (minus ':' )


Author Note

feel free to report bugs.

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