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Want doors to open and close?

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I have discovered a way to make a door open and close, so I have decided to share it with all of you.


The simplist way to start it is to use the "quick event creation" option then selecting "door"


Don't worry about setting the transfer unless you want to use it.


After you have created the door event, right click or double click on it to open the event editor.


The formula will appear as follows:

>The first line will contain the sound effect. You may change it or delete it if you wish.

>The second line will contain the move route for the door:

The order is:

turn left

wait 3 frames

turn right

wait 3 frames

turn up

through on

The line after that contains the player's move route. You will want to edit this as well. If the door that you are using is inside a building, all you would have to add to this is an additional 1 step forward. But if you are going for the effect of watching the door close before the player enters the building, then all you have to add is 'trasnparent on' to the player's move route.

*you can keep the transfer sound effect at this point if the desired effect is to enter a building

After you have set that as you want it, then you get to animate the door closing. This part took me a while to figure out.


You will set the event's move route the opposite of the opening route:

The order is:

turn right

wait 3 frames

turn left

wait 3 frames

turn down

through off


If the player is entering a building, this is where you add the 'transfer player' option.


And there you have it, a door that opens and closes


If you need any more help with this then I will post a video of how to make this.


Also, this can be used to make npc's open and close doors.


Here are some pics:



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