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items affected by damage type

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I promised I searched!


I have decided to include an assault musket in my game, however, the man carrying it (and indeed the whole party) need to be wary about how many charges they carry, since fire and powder don't tend to mix, and thinking about it, water and powder dont either.  So here is the explanation.


1.  I have a gun weapon type.  Its default attack is a bludgeoning attack

2.  I have a charge item type.  Using it gives my royal marine a buff called "locked and loaded".  When he has that buff, he gains a skill called "shoot" and the charge is consumed.  Shooting removes the buff.  Clumsy, I know.

3.  I would like the charges to be limited not by inventory, but by common sense.  To that end, I would LOVE a way to have them affected by damage type.  I would LOVE fire to have a chance to pop them and water to have a chance to ruin them.  In addition, that would provide the need for a special armor type for that character; a charge pouch, that provides protection from the above.

4.  My intent is that you don't go around with 3450982304 charges not because they are impossible to get, though I will make them tougher to find.  My intention is that you only carry 20 or so because if one blows it does a trivial amount of damage (and if someone has an idea for random splash damage i'm all for it), while 20 at a time blowing might be just short of what it takes to knock you dead.


If some genius comes up with a cleaner way to require guns to use charges than my clumsy buff/debuff, im all ears.  I read up on it a little...I didn't see much at the time.  It's possible someone has worked on it since then.

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