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Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding

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Sprite & Window Smooth Sliding

by Khas Arcthunder


- Introduction:

Tired of boring linear speed movements? I just have what you need! Slide your Sprite and Window objects smoothly!


- Features:

Smooth Sliding for Sprite and Window objects

Based on Simple Harmonic Motion

Timed movement

Sliding check method

Separated axis


- Instructions:

All the instructions are on the Smooth Sliding demo.

Please read them carefully.




* This video is in low FPS. You should download the demo and see how smooth it is in-game.


- Links:

Terms of Use: English - Read before use

Download: English - Latest version at the end of the post


- Credits:

Created by Khas Arcthunder.


Edited by Khas

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OH!! Nice and very interesting menu mode, but... can it be maked to use images? I love to use my personal images in my project, but it is so much work dont worry men! and nice motion maaan!

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Thanks :D


This is a kind of "scripter tool". It's possible to use with Window and Sprite objects.

The menu is just a demonstration of the script features.

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