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Map as Title Screen

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Map as Title Screen


Customize your title screen by having a map scene as its background! You can also add more eye candy by using Yami's Title Decoration.


  • Set the starting map of your title screen
  • Add weather effects, etc. (of course, by using weather scripts and adding them to your map)
  • Still display your game's title, add borders, etc. (retains Ace's default title screen)
  • Use Yami's Title decoration to add more pizzazz.







   You can also combine weather effects, and even use scripts! Check out MA's Hover Alerts.


   Using Yami's Title Decorate provides more eye-candy!




You can get the script here.



Version 1.1
 - Merged with the Yami TD compatible script
 - Now compatible with Khas's Awesome Light Effects script
Version 1.0
 - Initial Release


Credit and Thanks
- Read the script header

Edited by Acezon

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Hey, this script looks awesome!


Is this script compatible with the Sapphire Action System (SAS) by Khas Archthunder? Because before the title menu loads, SAS gives me this error message:


undefined method 'weapons' for nil:NilClass


If there was a way to bypass this error, that would be awesome!


Thanks in advance!

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