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Dark Gaia

The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

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The One Night trilogy is a series of completed survival horror games made in RPG Maker VX released between 2008 and 2011. Each game contains roughly three to four hours of gameplay, multiple endings and an involving story. The games have generated quite a bit of interest over the years, being featured in PC Gamer magazine and having a series of Let's Play videos made about them.


One Night




One Night is a survival horror game made in RPG Maker VX, released in late 2009. It holds the dubious honour of being the very first survival horror game made for the engine.


A frightening Resident Evil-esque experience, One Night challenges you to escape from "The Complex", a crumbling, abandoned research facility while being hunted mercilessly by the remnants of a long forgotten experiment.


Relentless monsters and difficult puzzles await around every corner - can you survive the horror?






Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/.../926/downloads/


One Night 2: The Beyond


One Night 2: The Beyond is the long awaited sequel to the original RPG Maker VX survival horror game, first released in mid 2010.


Set almost thirty years before the original game, One Night 2 is a Lovecraftian adventure game where you must solve the mystery of Mairstone Manor, a house controlled by an ancient, malevolent evil, and discover the origins of the horror.


With an eldritch presense of unknown origin bearing down upon you, it's going to take everything you can muster to escape from Mairstone Manor alive.








Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/...1144/downloads/


One Night: Full Circle




One Night: Full Circle is the final game in Dark Gaia's RPG Maker VX made survival horror series. It is intended to tie together and resolve the stories of the previous two games in an exciting conclusion. It was released in early 2011.


In One Night: Full Circle, you must search for your missing sister Alyssa in the town of Stillwater, a place that has been a ghost town since an unknown catastrophe occured one fateful night six months ago. As you uncover the secrets of the town in search of your goal, you'll also discover how the stories of the previous One Night games tie together and follow them through to the dramatic ending.


An entire town awaits your arrival. It's up to you to survive the many horrors it holds. It's going to be a monumental task. Do you dare attempt it?








Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/...1577/downloads/

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I loved the Trilogy for this game,

I found it annoying that sometimes it crashes and sometimes it breaks

so yeah...

But never the less my favourite one would have to be the 2nd one

since it had such a great story-line to it and a great plot


- I highly recommend this project to anyone who loves games like amnesia and horror's


- Edge

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I love these games, they're extremely fun, very challenging and as scary as hell, literally! I really have nothing negative to say. Dark Gaia, you've made some of the best games with RPG Maker VX and I look forward to playing your VX Ace games, especially One Night 4.

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Friday, July 6th, 2012


Hey there, everyone!


Who remembers the first time they played through the original One Night game? I played through it myself the other day for old times' sake, and I must say that I found it was in dire need of an update.


Since the One Night trilogy recently appeared on Wikipedia, and I've seen an increase in interest in the original game from Let's Players on Youtube lately, I felt that this was as good a time as any to go through the game and polish it into a standard as close to my later games as I could manage.


Thus, I now bring you One Night Build 5.1! This version of the game is a complete overhaul. The annoying monsters have been toned down, exploration has been made a lot easier and feels a lot more natural, the endings and their requirements have been changed to increase replayability (it is now much harder to get the best ending as saving Tiffany and Marchani now works differently), the dialogue has been rewritten to flow more smoothly and be free of errors, there are more scares and more tension than before and extra difficulty modes and other Easter Eggs have been added to the game.


You can access the extra play modes by entering special codes as the main character's name when starting a new game. Normally, these codes are given as rewards for completing the game, but as most of you have probably played through One Night before, you can grab them here.


EASYMODE decreases the amount of monsters in the game and starts you off with an inventory full of supplies.

HARDMODE increases the amount of monsters in the game and removes all Defensive Items from The Complex, making the game more challenging.

NEWDIGS allows you to play One Night while wearing Colt's alternate outfit from One Night: Full Circle.

MOREFEAR enables Flash style jump scares, which appear at random spots throughout the game.


Sound good? Maybe it's a good time to relive the original One Night? Meanwhile, if you've never played it before, now's the best time to try!


You know what to do! Head on over to the download link and get your horror on!

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Hey, horror fans! Just letting you know that a new build of One Night: Full Circle (Build 5.3) is now online, adding a few much-needed updates to the game and addressing a couple of requests made by players.


This new build isn't drastically different to the previous builds (at least, not on the same level that my recent updates to One Night and Legionwood were) but there's still a fair amount of new content in the game to check out.


The changes to Build 5.3 include:

- Items, supplies, files and weapons are now sorted into different inventory tabs, making it a lot easier to locate items.

- Puzzle items that are no longer needed are removed from the inventory to prevent clutter.

- Due to popular demand, the Electric Saw item that is found in the University can now be equipped as a weapon, rather than just being a puzzle item. It is much stronger than the Handgun but has limited uses.

- The writing in cutscenes and files has been cleaned up and errors rectified/awkward sentences rewritten.

- The morality counter has been adjusted so that it is now actually possible to get the good ending (previously, it was set up in such a way that you couldn't ever get enough good morality to unlock the ending). I'm not sure how this bug went unnoticed for such a long period of time, but it's fixed now.

- Game events have been slightly optimised to cut down on lag that some people were experiencing.


I also discovered that the One Night trilogy now has a TV Tropes page that was created by someone who apparently really likes the games. Check it out here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OneNight

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Just popping in to share some news and a small update...


The One Night trilogy was recently featured on IndieGames.com (a sister site of Gamasutra) as a "Freeware Game Pick" and was also chosen to appear on a cover mount disc for c't Magazine (a German magazine), so I went through One Night 2 and Full Circle and made some additional polishes and tweaks (such as unneeded items being removed from your inventory). In addition, One Night: Full Circle is now out on IndieDB and Desura. This release features a brand new hard mode for experienced players, which decreases the number of supplies in the game while ramping up the HP and aggressiveness of the monsters. Hop to it!

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As of today, the Ultimate Edition of One Night 2: The Beyond is online for your enjoyment. This new build is a much needed update in the vein of my recent Ultimate Edition updates for Legionwood and One Night.


It rewrites a good percentage of the game's text for clarity (as this game was written three years ago now and it was starting to feel a little "off" to me) and adds some oft-requested gameplay tweaks (such as key items being removed from your inventory when no longer needed) to the engine. In addition, there's also quite a large handful of new content to enjoy in the form of new enemies (two, to be exact), new scares, a bunch of new rooms and locations (a brand new Factory area underneath the mansion) and puzzles, which should entice veteran players to give the game another run-through.


The new rooms are based on some of the unused areas from One Night 1.5, the original (scrapped) One Night sequel, and these locations, along with a newly added Easter Egg (try examining the barrel in the 1F East Hallway 30 times) should provide a little bit of insight into what the game could have been. Personally, I'm always interested in such things (I have an obsession with Resident Evil 1.5, for one) and if you are too, then you'll probably appreciate the additions.


All in all, the Ultimate Edition of One Night 2 should take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours to complete (perhaps a little longer if you're aiming for the good endings).

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One Night 4 is back and is crowdsourcing funds for completion!


Hey everyone, guess what? I'm resuming development on One Night 4! Well, kinda. See, there were a number of reasons I cancelled the project (just one of them being a lack of time) and most of them were related to me being unable to finance a couple of resources I need to push the game through to completion. These are things that I really couldn't find anywhere else, such as a complete custom soundtrack, scripts for the stealth and monster AI systems I wanted to implement and a bunch of graphical resources such as monster and character sprites and edits, and the new modern/futuristic tilesets for RPG Maker (and subsequent changes I need done to them, such as bloodying them up and making them a little more dilapidated).

However, I noticed that quite a few RPG Maker games of late (and many more indie games in general) have been turning to fans to finance their production, and it seems to be doing well, so I've decided to do the same thing and have set up an Indiegogo campaign for One Night 4.

The fund raising goal is $2000 (plus $100 to cover Indiegogo + Paypal fees) -- I've managed to cobble together most of the game's assets myself and have made a start so I don't need a full game's worth of resources and this amount would be more than enough to secure the last few materials I need to polish the game and finish it off. At the moment, the game is roughly 50% complete, but I can't push forward until I'm able to implement the missing systems and many of the later areas of the game rely on this stuff. As such, I'm pretty much making a plea to all of you to help me make the completion of this game a reality.

As usual with these campaigns, there are several perks you get in return for your contribution, such as getting to be in the game and getting access to concept art and design notes. They're not much (as again, I have limited funds and this isn't a commercial game either, so free downloads and boxed copies are worthless perks), but I want to make One Night 4 the best game in the series and a worthy addition to the RPG Maker horror canon, so I'm trying my best to make pledging your support worthwhile. If you're an existing One Night fan, or just want to champion the revival of classic survival horror mechanics a la Resident Evil and Silent Hill, please consider making a donation. Every little bit helps, and you'll be doing your part in helping me complete a project that wouldn't otherwise advance.


To whet your appetites, I even made an updated trailer for the campaign:




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These are excellent games, I'm making a horror game too that's inspired by this series. I've also promoted this on my youtube channel. Kudos and can't wait to see more of the 4th installment!


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