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Crafting System

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I was thinking of making a crafting system for one of my characters, to add a bit of depth to how to obtain weapons... I kind of want to have everyone get them in some other ways than just the traditional 3 ways (I suppose that crafting is technically considered traditional for RPGs but not nearly as much in the JRPG genre where itemization is a bit more simplistic... for the most part) of Buying from a store, finding in a dungeon, or earning from a quest.


What I was thinking of doing was making up a list of Gemstones, and Precious metals as the character will use Focus Rings to channel engergy through. With a different effect coming from the metal and gem combo. Meaning that if you were to have a silver base for the Metal, it would have a different effect with a ruby, sapphire or, topaz, and vice versa the ruby would have a different effect with gold and rhodium than it would with silver.


So this is going to be farily complex. I am actually thinking of adding mundane "elements" to the magical effect. Like Even though this is actually a bolt of magical energy it still has a partly slashing effect (which can be resisted or a weakness depending on the defense type of the enemy.).


Thoughts, Ideas, do you like the idea do you hate it? 


Do you know of anyone who has a script for something like this?

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To my knowledge no such crafting system exists. The most common crafting script is Bubble's Tactics Ogre one, which has specific recipes.


I don't fully understand what your system entails. You'll have to go into a bit more detail and be specific about the mechanics of it. For example, using "precious metal that the characters use focus rings to channel energy through" doesn't actually explain much mechanically. Depending on what you want, I may be able to do this as a commission (it's a bit too complex and specific to just be a general request for me.)

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I get what you're saying, I think. Basically, you want a core weapon, right? Let's say a sword. You may then choose a base metal/element for the weapon: silver, iron, bronze, etc. You may then add the garnish: ruby, saphire, emerald, etc. The combination of base metal and garnish will then determine the weapons overall properties. It sounds great. I figured a set up like this out for a future project I'm eventually going to work on. The way I chose to do it was with different amounts of each metal/element. For example: Gold = MAT, Iron = ATK. So if a weapon is forged with 2 parts Iron and 1 part Gold, the weapon would have a base Atk damage plus an 8% increase to ATK and a 4% increase to MAT. Then when a weapon was forged, you could add a garnish ( I used 'crystals') to enhance the weapon even further by adding an element (fire, ice, etc.) to its properties. 


I think you could really run with your idea. It could be done via events. Of course, it would be time consuming. Good luck with it! Whether you choose eventing or scripting, I'm sure it will turn out great if you put the effort into it.

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Yeah thats kind of what I am going for but let me draw out what I mean.


So yes to start you have a group of Metals.










Then you have a group of precious/semi precious gems:











Each of these has a defined and known effect on it's own. Most of this is basic RPG logic.






(The metals, although still magical have a mundane ellemental effect)


Copper = Slashing

Gold = Blunt/piercing



Once combined there will be an effect that is already set but unknown (denote that unknown does not mean random) to the player untill discovering the new combination. IE Ruby and Gold will have a different effect than ruby and silver.


So Ruby = Fire, Gold = Blunt/piercing, So a Gold Ruby Ring will now have the property of Fire, Blunt/Piercing, and Magic attack +5% (Just an example) Where as A Sapphire Ruby Ring would be nearly the same save for the element of fire switched to Ice would have an effect of casting slow on enemies attacked by the weapon at a 10% chance.


The tertiary effect would not follow consistantly with either one of the components, So you will not see Magic Attack bonuses consistantly on either rings made with rubies or gold you may on a few but not always.


Of course all of these combinations would be set in stone for purposes of scripting it will be the player that will be in the dark on the subject untill having made rings.

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I try to make my scripts compatible with Yanfly's, because he's a bro. So if they aren't, tell me and I'll fix them sooner or later.


Can't promise anything for Victor's but it should work with most of his stuff.

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