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Jens of Zanicuud

ENiGMA - ENemy interception Genetically Modified Airforce

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ENemy interception Genetically Modified Airforce



Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

Abstract: a sci-fi fangame based on old arcade shoot'em ups
Genre: vertical scrolling shoot'em up
Average Game Time:
> Story Mode: about 45 minutes;
> All achievements cleared: about 2 / 3 hours.
This game was born both as a sort of "support" to my exam period and as a sort of tribute to Video System's Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series. These old glorious arcade games from mid 90's were really amusing, but fundamentally, they lacked some plot... so, I've written down the engine, I've designed the main character and a decent plot, and in a couple month I've completed & compiled the project.
I hope you'll enjoy it ;)
Version 1.0.4 has been released by 26th March, 2013. Some little bugs were fixed, as well as some spelling mistakes.
An introductory screen has been added to explain controls to lazy users who don't  intend to lose time by reading the booklet ;)
"So, this is it.
My name is K-069, and I'm a GHA.
What's a GHA?! Crap!
Where have you been in the last century?
GHA stands for Genetically Hybridized Androids.
Yeah, I'm a robot, an android... or a gynoid, if you prefer.
Not that this make much more sense, since I haven't any reproductive organs.
By the way, I'm self conscious... or at least, I think so.
I know I exist, I know I live and I know I will take part in a sort of suicide mission.
In practice, we GHA are pawns, acting in an enormous chessboard: the Universe.
Earth Government is employing us as expendable fighters.
Once we seat in our airships, we are nothing but tools of war.
War... against who?
Well, this is too much difficult to answer.
I have no idea, either.
I'm just aware I will seat on one of that damn ships to mash some other vehicles, that's all.
Trust me, this is not stimulating at all."
The story revolves around a single main character, GHA K-069. GHAs are mass produced androids (or gynoids, depending on the model) which are one with their own starship. GHAs are built in order to protect Earth Federation from an unknown Enemy, whose army is solely composed by unmanned units. K-069 is no more and no less than other androids, a self-conscious machine with a human appearance.She will be soon activated to test her piloting skills...

ENemy Interception Genetically Modified Airforce 
ENiGMA is a game created by Andrea Demetrio (a.k.a Jens of Zanicuud).
Copyright © Andrea Demetrio - 2013 
>Ripped Graphics 
Airplanes from Sonic Wings/Aero Fighter ripped by Techokami; 
Bosses from Sonic Wings 2, 3 ripped by Magma Dragoon; 
Sonic Wings/Aero Fighter is a Video System property. All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Tanks, AA, helicopters and bosses from 1944 - The loop master ripped by Magma Dragoon; 
1944 - The loop master is a Capcom/Raizing property. All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Crusade, Twin Mantas and ENiGMA - Defender were built using Megaman series Graphics, ripped by Barubary, Nemu and Bean; 
Megaman is a Capcom property. All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Game graphics rips found at The Spriters Resource 
sci-fi tilesets by Sakura Phoenix (Kieara Phoenix)
KNight Blade graphics by Kenji Shingetoshi 
Every other tileset & autotile was taken from RMXP's RTP (Enterbrain)
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Ending pictures' backgrounds from 2D Fighter Maker 2002 - RTP (Enterbrain). 
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
The government palace is based on Steins; Gate graphics. 
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Every other picture - including the title intro - was made and drawn by me.
Copyright © Andrea Demetrio - 2013 
>Other stuff
I haven't found the true maker of the windowskin I used. If someone knows its name, please contact me in order to let me properly credit him/her. 
Animations from RMXP - RMVX RTPs (Enterbrain); 
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Music written by Jonnie19 (Jonnie91), ripped from Tryadine Effect OST:
-Abandoned Hospital (ENiGMA title);
-Emergency (ENiGMA mission theme);
-Sorrowful Suicide (K-069 Theme);
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Tryadine Effect: Copyright © Andrea Demetrio - 2011, 2012, 2013 
Music written by Kenji Shingetoshi (Waterwheel factory - KNight Blade): 
-kanasimi.mid (Boss battles theme)
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Music from RMVACE RTP (Enterbrain)
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Sound effects ripped from Kenji Shingetoshi's KNight Blade - Howling of Kerberos
All rights reserved to the respective owners.
I've created the whole engine from scrap, except for: 
-Snapshot script, created by Keroro @www.rpg2s.net; 
-Rei's Explosion Blur Effect, for RMVX (translated to XP by me). 
The main font used in this game -Echo- is a URW software property. 
Copyright© URW Software - 1994.
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
Courier New is a Monotype Corporation property.
Copyright© 1990-1994 Monotype Corporation
All rights reserved to the respective owners. 
>Special Thanks 
I would like to thank 
My brother, the very first one who playtests my games; 
Jonnie19, for his amazing soundtrack composition ability; 
Sakura Phoenix, for her amazing sci-fi tilesets; 
Video System, for the great amount of coins I've spent playing Aero Fighters 2 and trying to complete at least two missions; 
Enterbrain, for this little, amazing tool that RMXP is; 
Thanks everyone else who supports and enjoy this project ;)
>Andrea "Jens" Demetrio (a.k.a. Jens of Zanicuud) 
>"Thorns are the rose's sweetest essence" 
You can contact me via e-mail, at info.tryadine.effect@gmail.com or via PM at www.rpgrevolution.com or www.rpgmakervxace.net 

> Screenshots from various missions:

Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

> Boss fight:

Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

> Sample cutscene:

Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013

> Solid plot developed around eight different missions;
> 50 achievements to clear in order to complete the game;
> Hand-drawn cutscenes to develop and explain the main story;
> Extra unlockable modes and features;
> Seven unlockable starships, each with different weapons and bombs;
> Game optimized to be played with a PS2-like USB controller or a standard keyboard;
> Good performances even on medium-class computers (game created&tested on a netbook with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor and 1 GB RAM);
> 50 fps rate, for a faster action (instead of RMXP standard 40 fps);
Instruction booklet: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?muocv566rfdx435

Game:  http://www.mediafire.com/?1dmoci39z2jg4eg


(note: this file is a .zip containing both the game installer and the instruction booklet)
Notice that no RTP is required. Every necessary file is included inside the installer.
Known Issues:
There should be no game-breaking bug in the current version If you find any, just reply to this topic or contact me.
It looks like if you download ENiGMA and have already got an instance of RGSS player on your computer, controls will be messed up.
See the instruction booklet for further information.
Support the Project:
Here's the userbar provided with the link to this page. If you want to support the project, just put it in your signature ;)

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The start button off the top of my head is actually D, that was something that confused me completely when i started playing it. It's not the longest game, which was probably the most disappointing thing about this game, the ending seemed to be kinda cliffhanger, i've wanted to find out what happened next, and sadly it just ended. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Okay, some explanation is needed.

I've configured the input via the F1 command, but it looks like anytime you copy a RGSS player on a computer with RMXP installed, input button mess up in a humourous manner. I've no idea on how to fix it, though, and discovered it right now. In practice, you have to press F1 and set ENTER to the Z button. I don't know why this causes problems, and I'm really losing my patience after this issue.


An external note: Jonnie, have you reached mission #9? If you don't unlock it, the game is not ended yet... since there's another scene after mission #9 is completed:


the true ending, to be honest. After mission#8 you get the fake ending, you have to clear all the achievements to see the true conclusion of the story...



EDIT: I've explained the situation in the instruction booklet and replaced it. There was a problem in the previous version, some save files remained in the folder even after compiling the game. Sorry for the inconvenience...


EDIT 2: I've updated the instruction booklet in order to fix this issue ;) Take a look if you wish to;)


EDIT 3: I've released version 1.0.4, which fixes said bug with an introduction before the Intro Scene.



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