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CSCA Toast Manager
By: Casper Gaming (Casper667)
Latest Version: 1.1.0

Last Update: April 26, 2013


Creates an easy-to-use toast system. Mainly a scripting tool, but you can create and call your own basic toasts as well.


Up to 3 toasts can be shown at a time



If more than 3 are reserved, the others will automatically display when possible.


Basic 2 line text toasts are already set up for you:


More advanced users and scripters can create even prettier toasts!


How to Use
Place in your materials section. Plug n Play w/ optional setup. Instructions in script.

Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK
Requires CSCA Core Script to work properly - Get it here!



Version 1.1.0

- Toasts now global (not confined to the map scene). Certain scenes are excluded.

Casper Gaming



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  bt_reserve_toast(text1, text2)
# Reserves a toast with 2 lines of centered text on it.
# text1 is the first line, text2 is the second line.

Nevermind I got it working.

Edited by imaninja33

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Good work. :)


Lionheart_84: Read the script instructions and info located at the top of the script and the posts above yours in this topic. Try out that stuff with the event Script command (page 3 of event commands).

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