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rmvx BGFT: The James Lucas Story

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                                                                           Game Title: BGFT: The James Lucas Story

WARNING: This has the themes of an M rated game. It gets pretty raunchy at some points, and the language is consistently mature.

Abstract: Hunt for Bigfoot. Get the girl. It's my first game ever made, aging from 2010. I touched it up a bit for an official release. Everyone who has played it seems to have loved it.

Genre: RPG, Adventure

Average Game Time: 45-60 minutes



Story / Setting / Purpose:

You live in a world where Bigfoot lurks every corner. People live in indifference from this creature whose very existence is debated. Step into the shoes of James Lucas, Bigfoot Hunter Extraordinaire. In a simple visit to his beloved, he ends up traveling across the hemisphere and perhaps the known universe to find the legendary creature. Experience a tale of love, adventure, and, most importantly, hope. Roam the lands of the unnamed world, ranging from forests to even a (seemingly) deserted island.


Character Bios:

James Lucas: The hero of his little story. James is unparalleled in Bigfoot research. When Gloria gets kidnapped, anything in his path becomes rubble.

Gloria: James's love interest. She is royalty in James's home, and she is perfection in his eyes. Like James, she has an uncanny interest in Bigfoot.

Wayne: Another Bigfoot expert. He is well known, along with his partner, Dallas. Together they have amassed literally tons of Bigfoot evidence that proves absolutely nothing.

Dallas: Wayne's partner. They spent most of their lives documenting Bigfoot evidence. With James, they may have a shot at finally capturing the mythical Sasquatch.

Charles: Having been convicted, his ties to James are a mystery. You'll have to play to find out!

Bigfoot: ...?



Artwork: Jables Bonefry

Music: Blue Oyster Cult, Alien Ant Farm, Steppenwolf, Mladen Milicevic, Saliva, Linkin Park, Queen & David Bowie (original battle music by yours truly)

Any other resources are RTP. Everything else besides that (story, mapping, etc.) was by me.















Dog Transformation: Transform between canine and human form. At some point in his journey James becomes imbued with this skill. Dog form is useful for canine abilities that the human James would lack. Fun fact: I had no idea that Twilight Princess did this when I made this game.

Bigfoot Call: What does every respectable Bigfoot hunter need? A trusty and believable call, of course! It may not always attract Bigfoot, but it may affect other things as well... Not responsible if Bigfoot interprets this as a mating call.

If you look past that fact that it was made with RPG Maker VX, BGFT is an enjoyable adventure with all the hallmarks of an American classic in such a short amount of time.

Quirky humor that would give this game a reputation akin to EarthBound.

Celebrity appearances and pop culture references!

No random encounters--all battles are boss battles.

This ain't some cliché RPG where you want to save the world. The only thing in your eyes is Bigfoot.


Download (RTP Included):



Known Issues:

None so far.

Edited by Vincent

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This was the first RM game I ever played when you made it a few years ago, and for what it is (which is a first attempt for a game that's actually completed) I was really impressed. It pretty much inspired me to try my hand at RM.

My only complaints are the battles. They have amusing scenarios, but often times they themselves are really dull. It's a mash enter to win sort of affair, aside from one battle. There's also a very linear progression. Not much to explore outside the story that's here, but because it's entertaining I don't take too much issue with that, also considering the length. If you look past these minor issues you'll find an entertaining story within. It's not super-deep with complex webs or character relations (or is it??? !!!??) but it's sure as hell entertaining. 

If anyone's curious about the inconsistency in some art, namely character portraits being a mix of stock and original resources, it's worth mentioning it's pulled from a comic book I'm making based off this. They weren't made originally for this game, but he asked my permission. And hell, the comic's based from this anyway.

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