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Four friends from the same university go out camping together. But while gathering firewood, strange sounds can be heard from the forest.
After that, things get gradually worse.
This is the classic camping-trip-gone-wrong movie from the eighties made into a RPG Maker game.

It features a minimalistic soundtrack, with mainly the ambiance of the forest and all the creatures in it accompanying you in the increasingly dark forest.

I recommend turning off all lights, pulling down the blinds and putting on headphones for maximum enjoyment.
Playtime is roughly 20 minutes.
Story is based upon the Skinwalker creature and the stories surrounding it.






The camp, during the day.


Getting darker...


Inside a cabin, safe and sound?


Looking out the window.







Additional scripts by:

Victor Sant: Victor Engine

modern algebra (rmrk.net): Fix Picture to Map

V.M of D.T: Basic Window Resizer v1.1

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Skinwalker stories creep me out...
I'll be sure to try this out when I have a few minutes



Played it.

Dem jumpscares :o

Really good work on the atmosphere, I like the lack of music...makes it all the more spooky

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I played this yesterday I believe and it was pretty good overall, mind you it didn't even come close to scaring me - Seen too many of these kinds of things over the years, they just don't have any effect now.


Still - The ambient sounds and the atmosphere you brought together were good, you balanced it all quite nicely I'd say.


Good job.

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It progressed like a campfire story and I'll it criticize as a campfire story. The atmosphere is amazing, it's simple but conveying. The lack of peripheral vision helps add weight to the fear of the unknown. Although the empty (black) space would be a common complaint, it works well here. I applaud you for barely using jumpscares. I hate them, not because it's scary, it's just startling. The horror that you used that I really appreciate is the scene with holding Celeste's hand. That stood out to me.


Good job 

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Nice job here. While I've played my share of creepies, they still can send a vibe down me at the right moments. The atmosphere here was pretty intense. I think with a more survival horror story, this could have gone a long ways. But for a short tale, it was still very impressive.


I got the bad ending my first time around and before I realized it was the bad ending I thought in a way this was a perfect way to end it. It made sense somewhat, and had a nice Twilight Zone twist to it. Then I looked at the events for the other ending because I didn't want to replay it all (should allow some save points for that reason), and I'm guessing the action packed ending is the good one, but that just didn't seem to fit well with the theme this game had going, especially since up to that point it hadn't really been an action game. So... out of the two endings, I'd say the bad ending fits the best and makes the most sense.


I normally wouldn't recommend RM2K/3 games here, but if you're ever looking for ideas and style for making a decent horror game with RM, I'd suggest taking a look at Desert Nightmare on RMN.




The ending falls flat a bit, but it's still pretty chilling. Your forest atmosphere sort of reminded me of that game, probably because of how dark and intense the environment was.

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