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official restaff April ReStaff Release: Music Madness

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Welcome to Aprils ReStaff release. This month we've got SO MUCH MUSIC! It's Maddening! We've got a battler from Andinator a guest scripter Ocedic and a good number of musical resources from Jonnie91Gyrowolf and Guest Musician Arin. 

As always please remember that the content is available for commercial use UNLESS otherwise stated in the README's of the individual ReStaffers. You are also required to credit both VXA.N and the respective artists please! So without further adieu lets show off the goods!




This month Andinator has create a brilliant unanimated Dragon Battler for use in your battles.






Arin's has created four musical masterpieces for you guys to use. Please note however that these tracks are designed for use as  character scene,or title themes. therefore are not loopable. 

You can download the zip here




Ocedic has created an exclusive Animated Title Screen. For use in your projects! You can find the demo here. If you've already got a few graphics that will work with the script. You can download the text version here. (You can open .rb files by using Notepad as you would with any txt file)




Now a welcome return to one of the original ReStaff. Gyrowolf has returned with a new track for you to download and enjoy. Don't like numbers...well Gyrowolf agrees this track warns you about the Danger In Numbers.


and finally....





Nobody likes rain, makes things alot worse! But I hate it most, so much i've written you a loopable ogg which shows how miserable it is...

So grab yourself a hot chocolate and sit and listen to the Misery in the Monsoon and because I love you guys so much you've got THREE versions of it. You have a loopable ogg an MP3 and a WAV that can be used!




We really hope you enjoy this ReStaff release, so if you DO enjoy it. PLEASE reply to let us know what you think, and if you have any requests for the next ReStaff release you can tell us here! 



Cya next month guys!!!

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updated download links
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Okay, so it seems I am too much of a spaz, and can't check my links properly.... :D I've update the thread now. it should ALL be fine now thanks to Tigerbite for letting me know. 


Also, wanted to make a big thank you to Ocedic and Erin, who surpassed their duties as staff by helping out with this release and giving away stuff! 

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Danger in Numbers is amazing.  Animated Title screen looks like it could do a great job at animating images since we can't seem to use .gifs.  However, that's going to be a lot of frames if it's a long animation.  XD


Boss showed up to work, haven't had a chance to check out the rest yet.  I will definitely be going back and looking at Gyrowolf's past work.

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Arin's music is surprisingly... calm and serene. Jonnie your music is always awesome!

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Cheeked out all the products and must say that Arin's music is epic. I find it very nice and relaxing. Also I find that Ocedic menu script is very nice and could be used to show a more animated title(would be epic combined with mog cursor)

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Woah, what, I'm getting recognition?


I wouldn't say "relaxing" would be the best word to use, given that really only two tracks really fit that category.

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