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I tried adding custom professions but now whenever I start the game and go to the professions menu the game crashes and I get this error


Script 'Window_Base' line 373: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method '%' for nil:NilClass


how can I fix this??


Edit: Never mind, I managed to fix it, just needed to use a fresh game and not a loaded one after adding the professions

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I get the following error: Script 'Toast' line 640: NoMethodError occured

undefined method 'csca_prof_refresh' for




Update: I removed the line that gave the error and it seemed to work fine, will removing the line cause issues in the future?

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Slight glitch found.


In the demo when you go to the cooking guy he teaches you 1 level.


But when you reach the max level of 10 and keep going to him he keeps teaching you and your level keeps going up, past the max level... that makes no sense now.


It needs a check or something there.


Something like a conditional branch to check if the level is 10 and if it is have him say something like "I have taught you all I can." when the level is 10.


Also this would be useful on objects.


With a conditional branch that checks your level of lockpicking put on a chest it would then determine if your lockpicking level was high enough to open the chest or not.



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