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Tidloc's Dynamic Shop System

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Tidloc's Dynamic Shop System v.2.5
by Tidloc


This is a Shop-System, that enables Shops to stock Items only in limited quantities, sold Items become the stock of the shop and over time or with each entry of the shop, this item-quantities differ, as in realistic shops, by the shops trading items on their own.

- usable with the normal Shop-Command in events
- before calling a shop, set a predefined game variable onto the shop-id (each shop should only be accessible in one location, or else you have the stock of that shop in other shops too...)
- everything that may be altered by non-scripters lies in the first lines within the module Tidloc.
- special items may be inserted in shops, appearing only with a given probability.
- epic items may be inserted in shops, appearing only once in that shop and if sold, never again.



How to Use
simply paste the script above main, below any standard-scripts and also below my header



Download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a15bow0husc667u/tidloc_D_shop.rb?dl=0


Q: I found a bug or have a suggestion, how ca I contact you?

A: please look into my signature, there you'll always find the most recent contact information!

the Demo should clear all question, if not, or special one appear, I will insert them here. :-)

Credits and Thanks
Tidloc :lol:



02/29/2012: v.1.3: found a bug, cleared it and uploaded Demo
05/02/2012: v.1.4: cleared an annoying bug xD and rescripted some parts to function with the new header
05/27/2012: v.1.5: Big update (to v.1.5)
06/02/2012: v.2.0: new release out! completely rewrote some parts of the script, for details see my header. Also header update needed!
06/30/2012: v.2.1: added the possibility to stop recalculating the stocks by time and added the option to calculate the stocks by script-command
02/22/2014: v.2.3: completely rewritten the script for it to become compatible with my custom equipments script.
07/13/2015: v.2.4: fixed a bug with my custom equips, implemented the help window via the key in the header and updated the demo.
07/18/2015: v.2.4.1: implemented a fault catching when the dynamic shop isn't setup when entering a shop. moved some scripthandling from game_temp to game_system

29/11/2015: v.2.4.2: resolved two minor display bugs

08/13/2016: v.2.5: added compatibility with my custom equips

09/24/2017: updated download links

04/29/2018: updated contact information


Edited by Tidloc

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Awersome script, but I think I found a bug: When I re-sell the itens (apple...) they dont show up in the shop (or when do, they show as 0 in stock, but u can still buy one). :/

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err... true, but this appears only with the apples in the demo... o_Ó

I'll have to look into this, never encountered this bug before...


Edit: Already found a way to bypass this issue, see my actual script and uploaded a new demo with the actuel version too ;-)

Edited by Michael

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simply open the rar-file, thenuse the exe to install the game-files to any folder (like your projects-folder)

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Hi, I just started using your script & I love it! Nice work! One question tho... I just want to change the names of the shop menu choices, "Regular Items, Sell Items, Special Offers" to something different. How do I do that? :)

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if you're using the english version see lines 88 to 91...

in my scripts everything adjustable is always in the first lines ;-)

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Hi, I recently got into wanting to get serious with Vx Ace and I love the idea of this script. I'm rather noobish though with this scripting language and I am having a rather hard time understanding parts of it. How exactly do you change what a specific store carries item/weapon/armor wise? I know it deals with the MAXGAIN, MAXSTART, and MINSTART but just not for sure what the numbers mean.

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