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rmvx Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate 12 Hour+ Complete RPG

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Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate is an indie role-playing game developed by LusterMX for the RPG fan community. It provides a unique experience unlike other RPGs in the community and has been made to provide the most complete and fulfilling downloadable gameplay experiences players can enjoy.
 One of the elements which set Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate apart from other games of its genre is that it does not feature a clear main protagonist, despite initial impressions of leading characters.  This has been implemented to allow each and every one of the characters to develop and expand at their own pace; the progression of the storyline is also unique in this respect as each of the characters has a significant part to play in the plot. There is no hierarchy within Lunar Wish: each character is considered integral to the overall storyline and gameplay experience.  As a result, the game itself is rich in character development and is supplemented by surprising twists and unexpected methods of progression, which are guaranteed to take the player on their own journey of discovery as they play along with the characters. Comedic elements are also continually employed, to give the game its characteristic feel and tone through the character’s voices. While on the surface, Lunar Wish may seem like an innocuous, unexciting RPG, but in reality it does well to subvert the player’s expectations of the standard RPG template.
The gameplay schematic of Lunar Wish was designed to be as simple to understand and play as possible. This was done so that even players who are unfamiliar with the RPG genre could start playing immediately and allow themselves to immerse themselves in the world of Lunar Wish. There are no complex systems to learn and the learning curve is kept minimal as to allow as much of the game to shine through as possible. Skill Trees are used within the game to obtain new skills: this system allows the player to further expand their experience with the game as they progress and become more familiar with the game’s structure. As the characters learn new skills and become more adept in battle, as does the player. The simplistic yet effective system of each character focusing on a different element, tactic and strategy means that battling is always enjoyable without ever being overwhelming.
Lunar Wish is ideally suited to casual gamers, but the prime difficulty level means that there are always new challenges ready to surprise and test the player’s ability to think on their feet. Lunar Wish succeeds in bridging the gap between simplicity and difficulty which is a common problem amongst many games of this genre.
Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate has been in development for 5 long gruelling years and is truly a labour of love devoted to members of the RPG fanbase community.  It has finally been completed as of 27th April 2013. Estimates would place the total game time at just over 12 hours, but take note that Orbs of Fate is just the first part of an epic duo of RPG games, the second of which will be coming very soon. I hope you enjoy playing Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate just as much as I enjoyed making and developing it. Happy playing!



Prologue (Past)

Serathium… the fabled land of legends… home to Angels, Beasts and Vampires, and most importantly, the Heart, Spirit and Soul of Existence itself. The Lunar Orb.

The Lunar Orb is an integral part of all life which thrives on this planet. Ingrained onto the face of the harsh red earth at the beginning of time, The Orb proved to be the source of the beauty and vitality which is instilled in the natural world. The fertile soil gave way to abundant plants and creatures who lived in peace with the Orb and its surroundings. The land of Serathium became synonymous with the golden era of concordance and tranquillity and the delicate balance of the forces of nature meant that life in Serathium was like living in the Garden of Eden itself… until that one fateful day.

The Orb changed without warning and led the land of Serathium into an era of chaos and mass destruction. No one, not even the heralded Angels of Serathium knew what to do in this terrifying situation. Apart from one.

A young Angel known as Fate emerged from the impeding darkness and attempted to restore harmony to the land using an ancient technique known as The Sending. But her efforts to calm the Orb down were for naught, as her brave, yet reckless attempt to rescue Serathium results in her being sealed away for an innumerable number of years – possibly for the rest of all time.

The people of Serathium could only watch as The Lunar Orb started to lose control and the very foundations of the universe itself begin to crumble around them. The destruction gave way to an event which no one in the history of time itself could have foreseen: The Rebellion of Serathium.


Present Day

A thousand years after the events in Serathium, the chaos and madness of the Lunar Orb is nothing but a myth – a story intended to amuse small children when they got restless of life and demanded fantastical stories of the unknown from their parents. For the people of The Isle, life went on much like a dog chasing its tail: in repetitive and tedious circles, not particularly going anywhere but with that element of content – the comfort of the familiar.
Around the time of the destruction of the Lunar Orb, four other Orbs appeared surreptitiously on the fabric of existence in various points outside of Serathium, ingraining themselves into the earth much like how the Lunar Orb originally came into existence. The purpose of these Orbs were and still is a mystery, although humans, curious as to what powers these artifacts could hold, sealed them off and protected them fiercely from any potential harm which may come to them. They are the Blue Orb, the Green Orb, the Purple Orb and the Red Orb.
They say that time heals all wounds, yet a thousand years later, the fabled land of Serathium is still struggling to recover from its ordeal. The humans on The Isle live without any knowledge of the history and the suffering of this land, which exists parallel to their world, not yet releasing the pain, suffering and destruction which is soon to come…
The story begins with a young boy named Falk who is a student at the Applon Academy, which is one of two Academies on The Isle. The gifted and talented of the children gain the privilege of attending Pow Academy, while the others attend Applon. One day he encounters a highly mysterious and seemingly malevolent voice in his room which informs him that someone close to him will disappear – someone who he spent his childhood with participating in activities such as beating each other up, bunking class and pushing bunnies into water. Nostalgic and fond these memories may be, Falk is concerned about nothing but his own “destinyâ€, which he believes is being conveyed to him through this voice, inferring a lifetime of living out his fantasy of being a hero like he always dreamed.
But the life of a girl is at stake, and in a whirlpool of conceit and pretentiousness and raging passion and emotions, can the students of Applon Academy find it within themselves to work together and carry out their actions as written in the book of fate? Only time will tell as your journey begins…




118nbip.pngFate Spero
Class: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 1054
One of the first characters you encounter in the game, Fate is the very of definition of coldness and determination. She cares little for other humans and animals, preferring to communicate from a distance through simple gestures and blunt comments, rather than getting close to people emotionally. What you see is what you get with Fate, although there is a part of her which suggests that deep down, she cares for own species and homeland, letting nothing get in the way of her goals and dreams. Angel she may be, but Fate is far from angelic.

j8ll3r.pngFalk Valor
Class: Warrior
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Your typical, teenage warrior. You think he’s cliché, others think he’s cliché, even he thinks he’s cliché. Falk is a narcissist through and through: he lives in a fantasy world which involves nothing but him and his own delusional heroism to keep him company through the night. Arrogant and conceited, Falk would gladly place his own emotions before anyone else’s, because lets face it, who is more important to Falk than the great hero himself? He’s beyond happy when he receives what he thinks is a calling to his heroic destiny, but it’s evident that Falk is in desperate need of a wake-up call of a different kind, if you know what I mean.

15d82lk.pngTash Fletcher
Class: Archer
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Tash is a brash, vain teenage girl. Much like Falk, she considers others to be beneath her, preferring to spend her free time gazing into a mirror rather than going to class. She spends more time in detention than out of it due to her constant attempts to bunk, much to the exasperation of her teacher.  It’s probably because of this that she’s a bit stupid: she once killed a bunny for training which actually turned to be her best friend’s pet. She disappears after Falk receives a message from a mysterious purple blur, just making sure that her hair and make-up still looks good is all that matters to Tash.

1z2kkua.pngCindy Pulte
Class: Mage
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Whereas characters like Falk and Tash are stuck in their own personal little fantasy worlds, Cindy has her feet stuck firmly on the ground. To her, studying and preparing for her future always comes first before everything else, which is why she’s so devastated when Falk blackmails her into coming with him, effectively ruining her chances of becoming an intellectual. Cindy is never afraid to speak her mind, being very vocal about her opinions towards Falk’s fantasies of being a hero. She can’t tolerate any stupid or illogical individuals, so as a result is very independent and self-confident in her actions as she knows not to rely on other people as they would only let her down.  

There are PLENTY of other characters but I'll limit it to these few for now... They are the first that you'll see in the game but have no more significance than some characters not shown here.







More Screenshots










Custom Gadgets
Most of the gadgets I have made have been fully evented by me. They make puzzles so much more interesting!

There are quite a few challenging mini games in the game as well. There's a cow whipping mini game, a throwing star action mini game and more...

Each dungeon isn't only walk, battle, walk battle... I have also made sure each dungeon has a unique and interesting puzzle... And trust me, there are plenty of dungeons

Portal Station
There are a lot of towns and villages in my game so that getting around with a teleporting system makes it much more flexible and easy!

I would say that the flow of the storyline getting revealed bit by bit is really smooth due to the amount of effort I put into each and every scene. There are many comedic instances as well in which you will either love/hate a character.

Battle System
I use the Sideview Battle system, but I have customized it a lot so it has A LOT of original animations. Hence, discovering what each skill looks like and bringing in new techniques your party can gain  will make battling very fun and enjoyable.

Skill Tree
In this game, you won't learn new Spells/Skills by leveling up. Instead, you get skill points in which you can decide what build your characters can become. What skills they learn is entirely up to you with each character given a unique Skill Tree.

Multiple Parties
The game does not focus on the same characters all the time. It transitions between different people so you get to explore more ground of The Isle and meet many new characters.

Plenty of Side Quests
Bored of progressing the main quest? Take the challenge of acquiring 100% completion and redeem the benefits! Discover hidden scenes,equipment and items to make your Lunar Wish adventure that much more exciting.






Exploring and traveling different areas plays a major part to the game!

The Isle
The main area of the game. Three of the four orbs are located here. The capital of the isle is Tyrone City. Each major town/city/village of the isle has their own special captain who's job is to protect the town at all costs and serve justice for the citizens that live there. The Isle is what you can see in the map above. It is the main area in Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate.

The Dream World
What is this place? Why does it exist? I can only tell you here that this is a special world which plays a fairly big part to the story.

As stated above, this is the place where Spiritual live beings such as Angels, Beasts and Vampires live. It is a very magical and beautiful land which is currently in utter destruction due to the chaos of the Lunar Orb and the Rebellion beginning.

Another island near the Isle on Earth. It is where the elite, the ultra powerful, gifted and talented go! And yes, this is where the Pow Academy is located, the place Cindy longs to go to.





Celianna - Amazing tilesets - 99% of the maps would not be possible without the tiles that she created.
Lunarea - Also great tiles! Very much appreciated.
Lexus - Particle animations - Relied heavily on them for the battlesystem. Thank you!
Kaduki - The face graphics and sprites is what made the amazing cast how they are today. Thank you!
Mr Bubble - Also has brilliant animations. Provided the animation for Light Fall and Flame Fall - Some of my favourite moves.

KGC - Excellent scripts. Especially the large part script which was so useful for allowing more than four party members.
Woratana - Many, many useful scripts like move commands and neo messaging system
Anaryu - Antilag! Can't imagine how it would be like without it.
Professor Meow Meow
Modern Algebra
Mr Anonymous
Yanfly - One of the best scripters I know. Victory Aftermath is popular for a reason!
Mr Bubble - As Sideview system was used, I owe a lot to this guy!
Enu - Creator of the battle system - AMAZING work!
Leongon - Excellent skill tree system. I'm glad I found his script when I did!
Omegas7 - Diary/Quest system! Very simple to use~
Syvkal - Much better SP/HP bars than default!

A lot of music is taken from various game soundtracks as some of you are sure to notice:
This includes games like:
Chrono Trigger
Kingdom Hearts
Etrian Odyssey
Secret of mana

Many of those from Sakari Infinity I thank you very much! Your website is full of excellence and has provided
with many tracks that fit in my game so well!

Kevin MacLeod
Josh Hunsaker
Steve Burke


GIMP - The ultimate art program which I relied heavily upon. Parallax maps were all created in here
Adobe Photoshop - I made the world map in this program. One of my proudest works.
RPG maker web community - Very helpful and friendly community!
RPGmakervx.net - Lunar Wish's journey began on this site.
GrandmaDeb - Made searching for resources 10X easier

Inspiration of RPG Maker
John Wizard's Dawn's light - Many, may comedy features which contained awe and inspiration. One of the very few
commercial RPGVX games that I played and liked.
Many youtube users who have watched my video have provided me with the encouragement to carry on! I thank you all.
RPG maker net - but of course!

If you have feeled like you deserve to be in the credits, but are not listed PLEASE tell me. It's not right that you
aren't included if you have contributed something to this game. That also applies if you think someone else should be

Thank you very much ALL!



Download Now!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate (No RTP) 346MB (FULL) V1.07 (Inc VX RTP)

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate (No RTP) 341MB (FULL) V1.05b (Inc VX RTP) (Alternate)

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate (No RTP) 387MB (FULL) V1.04 (Alternate 2)

Note: You only need to choose one link in order to download the game. The other alternate versions are there in case another is down or not working. I recommend the first link

Note: The reason V1.00-V1.04 are bigger files than V1.05 is because animation files were previously PNG files. I have since converted them into JPEG files - No quality is lost!


Version Info



Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate - V. 1:05

Start: 2008
Finished: April 27th 2013
Updated to V1.05: May 29th 2013

1.05 Updates:
*General improvements
*Cleaned up Skill Description informations
*Compressed the file size further down
*The game now includes RTP, so it's straight download and play!

1.04 Updates:
*General improvements
*Cleaned up Kestrel's gun animations (Her guns also appear to be correctly positioned now)
*Fixed a bug which caused 95% to be the 100% side completions. (Previously, you could not achieve 100%, only
95% - This is now fixed)
*Cleaned up most grammar and typo errors. This is what this release mainly focuses on.

1.03 Updates:
*General improvements
*Fixed a glitch which caused the 'Coke Dream' to not be able to be completed

1.02 Updates:
*General improvements
*More monster adjustments
*Made it so that Kobolds are stunned for longer with the Throwing Star
*Scrapped the boulder puzzle minigame
*Fixed a glitch which causes you to delevel from reading a sign in Applon Forst
*Fixed a glitch where you can skip some of the storyline
*Fixed the triple Special Book Glitch
*Removed Beach Pebbles as items you find in the game (They have no significance or contribution)
*Boosted Cindy's Skills so they have increased damage with less variance + same for Tash's Mind Arrow
*Healing Lights are now unlimited!
*Arc's Defense has now been reduced, but both Thron Blow and Grass are much more powerful now
*Herbal Disaster now requires level 4 Grass and Thorn Blow (Previously, required Level 5)
*Adjusted character base stats for more of a balance

1.01 Updates:
*General improvements
*Exp Rate of a few monsters has increased
*Encounter Rate decreased in some areas
*Tash's base HP has increased
*Money rate has increased on all monsters
*Phreeoni's quake damage has been reduced
*Garm's Freeze damage has been reduced
*Falk's blade and Nya's claws have become faster

Known Bugs:
*There are a few random occurrences where you can walk through tiles which are normally impassable. This is not
really a major issue, just a graphical bug.
*If you use the Zippo just before a scene begins (i.e when you're not supposed to be using it), you will be able to
walk through walls in some instances. So don't do it. Please.
*There is a graphical bug where which the weapon icons appear on the top left of the screen briefly when battle begins.

-There are no known game crashing bugs.



How to install



Setting up Lunar Wish so it's ready to play is really simple. If you are familiar with RPG maker, you probably don't need to read this.

Step 1
Download and install WinRAR. I'd be surprised if you haven't already. For most, this program is an essential. It's needed to extract the game from the Zip file that it's compressed in.
Download it from Here
(Ignore how it says trial, the program is practically free forever - mwahahaha)

Step 2
Download and install the RPG maker VX RTP. This is a must as the game itself does not include this, but requires the RTP in order to run.
Download the VX RTP from Here.
It is the RPG maker VX RTP that needs to be download and installed, not the VX Ace or XP one.

Step 3
Now simply download the game if you haven't already. WinRAR will allow you to extract the game like so:
(Right click the file and click 'Extract to Lunar Wish - Orbs of Fate'.
Wait for the extraction process to be complete; it should only take around a few seconds).

Step 4
Enjoy the game by running it through this icon!
Have fun!

If you have any difficulty installing the game, please do ask! I'd be happy to help.




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So, I'm 45 minutes in. This is a great game....which is why I'm pissed off.


You should probably know that party members "initialize" themselves every time they go in and out of your party through an event. After each quest so far, I've lost all of my stats with the exception of skills I've invested in, and even here, my "skill points" go into negative numbers (ie -2, -5, etc). Tash was level 3 when I found the ribbon and level 1 afterwards. So yeah, you should probably fix that.


Also, a more minor complaint is that there are a few annoying punctuation mistakes and typos in dialogue ("should of" is never correct; it should be "should have"  or "should've"--you do this literally all of the time).


Other than that, it's a solid game so far, and it looks great. I can tell a lot of effort has been put into it.

Edited by jw

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Of course I know that initialize does that and I never tick that option after the first time they join. To be honest, I'm surprised that happened to you -- About the skill tree thing... That is the weirdest bug ever, it's never happened to me (and it hasn't happened to anyone else either).

 I shall look into it soon, but it's defo not because of intializing.

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Hey, just wanted to let you know that you did a great job on this game telling from the screenshots. I will DL it and try it since it is almost the end of my finals (still have next week though). I love your mapping, I will take keen observations from your game and use them in mine. Hehehe. ^_^ Great job !


- X

Edited by Xaiyeon

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I hope you enjoy it! It'd be nice to have my game inspire other projects too XD



I know what caused that glitch now. It's because there was this sign which de-levels you in Applon Forest. It's been fixed now in V1.02... Sorry about that!

Edited by LusterMX

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The links to this game all contain malware of some kind.

That is to say, I'm not sure whether the download process is corrupted or the files themselves.

However, the fact is that it's malware-ridden data

Edited by xiouslaidyn

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There is nothing of the sort in the download link at all!

If you don't believe me, you can download it from here and ask the 2000+ people whether it had a virus in it or not.

Edited by LusterMX

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Luster is right. just downloaded it and its perfectly fine. i have Norton security and it didn't detect any sort of malware at all. and btw the game is great, a lot of effort was definitely put into this (:

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Loving the game so far, managed to make it to chapter 2 and i must say, everything is working out smoothly.

The battle system is fairly straight forward, i find myself using the attack more often then the actual techniques, but its solid none the less.

Love the transition between parties, kinda has that final fantasy 6 feel, telling different stories at once.


also the reference to the legend of zelda was a nice touch :P and that Hylian shield hanging in the academy, priceless!


Looking forward to finishing this title. :)

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A lot of scripts mess with the F12 functionality, especially if anything in the title, load, save screen, or the options menu is changed, which is probably why that error occurred. Just re-open the game through .exe and it should be okay.

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