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:\ Oh dear, as I've said before I've had difficulty in understanding the inner workings of that script so I'm afraid I can't solve your issues for now.


But on the bright side, I've made a new add-on that allows you to view the Bestiary while in battle! Either as a party command and/or an actor command. There's quite a few features you can customise with this add-on.


View Bestiary in Battle: http://www.crimson-castle.co.uk/rpgmakerscripts/FantasyBestiaryBattleAddOn.txt


However, since I needed to update the original Bestiary script for the add-on to function properly, you'll need the latest version of Fantasy Bestiary which you can get below:


Version 3.7: http://www.crimson-castle.co.uk/rpgmakerscripts/FantasyBestiaryV3-7.txt

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What do you mean the percentage is tied to a variable, does that mean that a variable is automatically updated when it get's closer to a higher percentage, and if so does that mean I could have an NPC check the percentage, and award different items based on the percentage?

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So I'm using this with Luna Engine, and I have it set up PERFECTLY so far! The only thing I can't figure out how to do is:


  1. Change the font/font size/outline/color, and
  2. Adjust the cursor size & enemy list so that it fits in the space I've designated for it (image below)

I'd love some help!! Thanks you!



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I know Shadowmaster's been gone for a while, but anyone know if there's a way to make this call an icon rather than a word?


Like, instead of "Elemental Weakness: Thunder," have it be "Elemental Weakness:" and then the Lightning Bolt icon from the icon list.


Also, is there a way to make this work with SoulPour777's Decimal Currency script and draw the "Gold" in $0.00 format?

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