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Chickan 117

tutorial Converting movies for VX Ace - easy, free, no script no watermark

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I've noticed a few threads discussing the "best" way to get movies into ogv format so they can be used with RPG Maker VX Ace. Most seem to involve purchasing software, trials with watermarks, scripts to allow avi, etc. I thought I'd share my experience with a very simple and free way to convert nearly anything. It even converted my flash file perfectly (exported from After Effects) :D


In order to do this you'll need a copy of VLC Media Player. You can get that here. Aside from being an amazing media player it's 100% free and provides the conversion stuff we'll need.


Note : At the time I wrote this guide I was using version 2.0.6


Once you've installed that just follow these steps

(Pictures inside the spoiler tags)


1. Open VLC Media Player

2. Click Media then Convert / Save (or press Ctrl-R)


3. Click Add... and select your file

4. Click the Convert/Save button (not the arrow to the right)


5. Click the Browse button beside the Destination file field and give your file a name. Ignore the "Save as type" options and give your file the extention OGV


6. In the Profile dropdown box select Video - Theora + Vorbis (OGG)


7. Click Start


That's it. You now have a usable OGV file in the location you specified in step 5. If you want to test it just do the following:


1. Open RPG Maker VX Ace

2. Select Tools - Resource Manager

3. Select Movies on the left then click the Import... button

4. Select the file you created in the previous process

5. Create an event to play the movie (Event commands tab 3, bottom left - Play Movie)

For example:



Hope that helps. 

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Lol. After Errects is Adobe Flaccid. 


Yeah I hadn't realised VLC exported until I was trying to find a way to convert my AE file without purchasing 2 different converter progs! :) Amazing software and they got my donation of the money I would have spent on the other progs. Been using it for years so I shoulda donated ages ago. Oh well, better late than never right?

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Wow, thanks a lot for this! :D
This is the first time I actually managed to put a movie in my RPGMaker project ^-^ Also, nice to know VLC can convert, that's really helpful as well, not just for working on RPGMaker games :o

Thanks :D

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