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Character generator fairy/butterfly wings

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I made some fairy wings! I didn't like the generator's third set of wings, so I used them as a base from which to create a new set of wings. Here are two generated characters with the wings in pink (the colour I was making them for), and the wing set.


They are set to ~60% opacity, so you can see the clothes and background through them (which means they look a little dark in the generator). Let me know if there are any glitches or things I should fix. Is there a category in the generator that will place the wings behind the hair for the bottom sprite?













Solved the layering issue, though it means you can't have a cloak and wings. Though to be fair, I guess that would be too busy for a sprite anyway. For my tastes, I like to have the side wings layer in front of the hair, and the back wings layer behind the hair, so I've created two layers (a cloak layer and a wing layer) for my generator:









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