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Perfect Pixel Collision script problem

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I'm trying to get  Cidiomar's "Perfect Pixel Collision" script ( http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/2802-perfect-pixel-collision-updated/?hl=collision ) to work in my game. I'm getting crashes on some of my maps that use Parallel Process Events checking for collision with the Player. The weird part is, some of my maps that use this don't crash, while others do, even though there's nothing (as far as I can see) different about how I've set up the events on both maps...


I've set it up so that there are numerous Rock events in a few of my maps. Each Rock event has a Parallel Process page setup as so:





There are 5 maps with these Rocks. And the game crashes with this error:


when the Player teleports to Map 1 and Map 3. The game does NOT crash when teleporting to Map 2, 4, or 5. The same Rock event has been duplicated amongst all of these maps, so I am completely stumped as to why it crashes on two maps only...

Also, if I set the Player start location on Map 1 or Map 3, the game doesn't crash when you start New Game.


And these are lines 449 and 450 in Game Interpretor (crashing when it's trying to read the script condition for the Collision checks)

when 12  # Script
      result = eval(@params[1])




Does anyone have any experience with this script and know why I'm getting this crash?

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