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My fiance and I were talking while playing Lost Oddysey and have noted many things we would like to see improved. Just a little brainstorming and trying to focus on one project for now. I am pretty bent on creating an RPG FF style game. Here is what she proposed.


In games like the Lost Odyssey and similar titles, turn-based strategy battle systems have been popular but relatively remained untouched for quite some time. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Now I,m not saying it's broken, rather that it can be expanded into how your character developes in the end.


In the game I am proposing, there are 5 main elements with a hidden 6th. To keep things mysterious, Ill only list the first five being Aqua/Frost, Flame, Lightning, Earth and Life/Mana. In many RPG games, you undergo a leveling process that upon raising, randomly (or not) raises your stats. We were talking about a more diverse system in which fighting certain types of monsters (ex: Aquatic beings) would allow you to raise a sub stat (swimming strength or water breathing abilities) that can be maxed out and such. That way there are advantages and disadvantages to fighting certain types of beings. Now, this will take quite a long time to develope each "skill" and allow access to places you normally couldn't venture too with an example using breathing underwater as an ability would allow you to venture into an underwater city. 


One thing I really like about Lost Oddysey is that you can build accessories based on the items you acquire from the monsters you defeat and upgrade them via the same manner but reconstructing them again and again. Why not do this with weaponry as well. Of course by adding one thing you may have to sacrifice another to keep the balance of the weaponry noticable but not overpowering.



Another thing we were discussing was the process of magical energies, swordplay and such and how they affect you. Well for one, she dislikes that I can hit a flying creature with a sword calling it unrealistic that you should only be able to hit it with Magic and/or weapons such as guns which can realistically reach them while swords can benefit you against ground dwelling creatures. Now she happens to love Fable and enjoyed the third installment saying that her favorite part was, "setting things on fire." That aside, she also loved being able to acquire skills like at the blacksmith or pie making areas. She thinks she would enjoy the game more had it used these for leveling up certain things like magic.



So lets say you are Lv 5. You now are able to apprentice under a sorcerer, mage or what have you in some distant city and they will teach you what they know for a price or for items that can be found around the maps. However, if you approach a Mage capable of teaching lv 10 magic, you will be barred from becoming an apprentice. Same with blacksmiths, and such. You would only be able to combine materials to make more powerful accessories if you study under a blacksmith of some sort. This would extend to all manors of gameplay to create a character that is unique to you.


We, however, disagreed on one point. I personally love turn based strategy but am willing to go without it. She, however finds that it is dumb and doesn't offer a lot of strategy or quick-paced gameplay like she likes. She proposes something more like FF12 in which the character free-roams and fights randomly generated creatures, some of which would be very rare or only appear during certain conditions. From there, you can engage them and fight giving you a bar similar to FF where it charges the next time you are able to strike which can be influenced by leveling up and training.


I will be editing this because it seems she has more ideas but wants to watch me play Lost Odyssey to gain more influences. let me know what you think guys.

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I'm trying to break all this down into a few main categories so I can give you better feedback. Also, what style of RPG FF are you wanting to make? The titles differ quite a bit from one to another; 4 is very different from 13 for example. Anyway, the categories I picked out from your post were these:


Stats based on type of enemy defeated, a synthesis system, 'class' upgrades (mage, blacksmith, etc.) that allow you to become more adept at a particular skill, and real time battle system with cooldowns or turn based strategy.


I'm always down with a synthesis system and I believe there are several scripts that will allow you to do this. It's fun to be able to upgrade your things and gives you incentive to go and fight monsters you might never go back to.


I'm not a huge fan of stats given to defeating certain enemy types; it reminds me a lot of how leveling occurred in FF2, though that was with weapons and not enemies. The more you use swords, for example, the better your sword skills get. I found it very restrictive as it wouldn't allow me to try out other options for a character later in the game; they were good at something, so why change?


However that mainly applies to party dynamics and I'm really getting the sense from these ideas that you will not be having a party and will be controlling one character. If that's the case, then it will probably work well because you have an incentive to make that character awesome. Using Fable 3 as an example, you are the only character you play, so you it pays to kill more balverines and then get a weapon with a damage bonus against them. If you were going to give stat boosts for kill levels it would be a great player reward.


I believe with that in mind, having people in towns you can apprentice with is a great idea for leveling aspects of your character, as long as the game allows you to ignore or do the bare minimum for one facet and still progress. Example, I hate magic in games when it has levels. I just will not use it. But if it's just there and I can access it, then I'm good. Everyone has different things they like and dislike and if you're planning on making something for a larger audience then it's good to take that into consideration.


Also, Lost Odyssey just uses a turn based battle system, it's not a turn based strategy game. When you talk about liking and wanting to use turn based strategy battles, do you mean ones with an ATB bar like FF games or like XCOM? I think you should decide exactly what type of game you want to make first, then focus on the systems that you can incorporate into it. Knowing what kind of game you have in mind will make giving feedback on the ideas post a LOT easier (hopefully I've helped a little though).

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