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This is the first time I try to ask for help on getting new script.

I am looking for a script that creates a shop that allows a player to trade items dropped by enemies for items, such as potions, In the same fashion as the Moogle Workshop in Kingdom Hearts, or the Villagers in Minecraft. This Synthesis Shop, will be independent of the shop itself, but separate instances of the Synthesis Shop will had different items to Synthesize, Or the same items with different requirements.



For Example, I would like to be able to synthesize like this:

From MerchantA:

Weapon:001 from 1*Item:201 + 2*Item:203

Item:003 from 1*Item:201 + 3*Item:220 + 2*Armour:117

Item:201 from 1*Item:101 + 1*Item:102 + 1*Item:103


From MerchantB:

Item:001 from 2*Item:201

Item:002 from 1*Item:202 + 5*Item:301

Weapon:002 from 1*Item:229 + 5*Armour:303

Armour:005 from 2*Item:004 + 2*Item:123 + 2*Item:124


From MerchantC:

Weapon:013 from 1*Item:001 + 2*Item:002 + 1*Weapon:003

Armour:003 from 2*Item:001 + 1*Item:002 + 1*Weapon:001


Now, this doesn't need to be the exact syntax, however I would like it based upon the database values similarly, and be able to edit which items require which in the Notes section of the database in a manner such as:


<item_synthesis: w001(number needed) + a001(number needed) + i001(number needed)>

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