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Gambit Icon List


Current Version: 1.00

This script creates an icon list scene that displays a collection of icons representing in-game achievements. These icons begin in the locked state and can be unlocked as the player progresses through the game.
  • Creates an icon list scene in the style of the default menu scenes
  • Each icon is tied to an item in the database, using the item's icon and description
  • Placing cursor on icon will display its description and a magnified icon
  • Description text and icon can be set for locked icons
  • Ability to add selection item number / total items text to end of second description line
  • Icons can be easily unlocked or locked through event script calls
  • Use icon?(number) in an event to check if the player has unlocked the specified icon
  • Customizable number of total icons with no max limit
  • Customizable number of icons to be displayed per column/row
  • Scrolls to display any icons that are not visible on the current page
  • Option to add icon list to menu commands



Required Scripts:








Icon list scene with unlocked icon description:




Locked icon description:




Item with two-line description when EnableNumber is true:







  • Gambit




v 1.00 - June 1, 2013
  • Initial release




Script: Gambit Icon List Script v1.00.txt

Edited by Gambit.

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Yes, they are. I didn't like it but I figured it would be the best way to handle specific icons and descriptions for each item.

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cool script, uhm, is this only for items? how about skills, states, weapons and armors?


and is there an option to have an item not to show in the collection? example a dummy item that is not used in the game?


sorry i can't try it it right so i just wanna know :)

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The intention of this script is to create a type of achievement system where you unlock icons as you progress through the game. The script essentially draws its data from a bunch of dummy items since I did not intend for people to use actual in-game items with the icon list. I chose to do this with items because I figured it would be easier for a game designer to input the icon and description using the database editor than it would be to create and expand an extensive setup area in the script header with each icon. So, what functionality would expanding it to skills, states, weapons, and armor add? If you wanted an icon to show up for a piece of armor, you could just add an item with an armor icon.


I think you are viewing the script as a completion script which tracks if the player has obtained each available item in the game. This is not the case. Instead, you tell the script which item to start at and how many items to include. So let's say items 101-200 in the database. These items just need icons and descriptions such as "Defeated boss 5" but they are dummy items in that they would likely not have any actual in-game use.

Edited by Gambit.

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i see, so that's how it is, i really misunderstand the script.


thanks. i clearly know how it works now and i could really use it :)

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EDIT: The problem I was having was my own fault and this script does not have a problem that I can find yet. Sorry for that Gambit.

Edited by DarthVollis

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