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Patient Corgi

The Radioactive Chicken Heads: Badd Bunny Breakout

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The Radioactive Chicken Heads: Badd Bunny Breakout
The official video game based on the band!

Play as The Radioactive Chicken Heads for the first time ever, as you take on Badd Bunny and his toxic minions in this epic role-playing quest! Engage in heroic battles with mutant monsters and biohazardous bosses! See all your favorite characters re-imagined in pixel form! Hear all your favorite songs remixed with authentic 16-bit sound! Gain experience and learn awesome new skills as you scour Southern California for your bandmates and join forces to defeat the ultimate furry evil once and for all!


Carrot Topp is the fearless and multi-talented frontman of the band. It's up to him to lead The Radioactive Chicken Heads to victory against nefarious villains like Liquid Fat and Boris the Spider!

Cheri Tomato focuses more on Mutation skills than physical attacks. You can use her "Stitch" power to heal your bandmates!


Frankenchicken is a physical attack specialist. Although he has lower than average MP, his brute strength is unmatched in battle!

Puke Boy's overindulgent lifestyle has hardened him into a seasoned brawler. He can take hits as well as he can deal them, but his primary focus is defending and strengthening his friends!

Bird Brain is the ultimate team player! His healing and support Mutations can give your band the advantage against even the toughest foes!

Wikkan Chicken has below-average strength in physical battles, but she can use her exceptionally powerful Mutations to cast spells on her enemies!

Bone Head is a bona fide master of the dark arts! His sinister Mutations can curse and harm his opponents, while his hard skull provides him with a strong physical defense.

Punky Rooster's kind of crazy, and has a hard time focusing on one area of expertise. Her short attention span and erratic behavior have resulted in a mismatched skill set that gives her a unique fighting style!

Armed with a carefree attitude and an assortment of culinary and medicinal herbs (like oregano), Pastafarian is an expert at curing whatever ails the band, as well as impairing enemies.

Sgt. Psyclopps is a fowl-mouthed supersoldier with enough firepower to take out multiple enemies at a time! With superior speed and strength, Sarge is an army of one!
  • Designed and Developed by Patient Corgi
  • Licensed by The Radioactive Chicken Heads
  • Graphic Design by Colleen Luckey
  • Music and Sound by Ian Luckey
  • Based on Songs by The Radioactive Chicken Heads
  • Additional Themes based on songs by Barry Louis Polisar, Ego Plum, Sleepy BrownJohn Entwistle, Julius FuÄík, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, Chancellor Olcott, Nobuo Uematsu
  • Executive Producer Aaron Cohen
  • Writing and Programming by Patient Corgi
  • Additional Battle Scripts by Victor Sant
  • Additional Menu and Message Scripts by Yanfly
  • Additional Environmental Graphics by Aweryn, Mack
  • SNES/NES Soundfonts by Matthew Valente, Setzer, SleepyTimeJesse, Vienna Master, Blitz Lunar, William Kage, TheEightBit
  • Additional Sound Effects by DitroiaMusic, Vosvoy, TheMushroomKingdom.net
  • Created Using RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Quality Assurance by Bennet Billard, Tre Bradshaw, Tom Cantwell, Monique Chavez, Shane Dunn, Mike Henderson, Patricia Kalin-St. Clair, Jonathan Kamarata, Tyanna J. Langevin, Michael Nestick, Tony Salazar, Steven Sarmiento, Aaron Staudenmeyer, Nicholas Jay Tournie
  • Special Thanks to Aaron Cohen, Rosanna Dittrich, Art Goya, Dan Weiss, TonyTV, Lawrence De La Cruz, Nick Layer, Alex Haag, Krystol Barrios, Quinn Dittrich, Cristobal Cordero, Mike Odd, The Diabolical Evildoers, The Passive Lion, Cakewalk, Propellerhead, MSPaint, Japan
  • © 2012-2013 Patient Corgi and The Radioactive Chicken Heads All Rights Reserved








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Hmm... This looks really nice and legit. Some of the graphics are great too... I can't really say much since I have not played the game. However, congratulations on making the game! :D

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Thanks, Xaiyeon! We really enjoyed making this game!

While Badd Bunny Breakout is a comedy RPG created for The Radioactive Chicken Heads band members and fan club, we'd love for others to enjoy it as well. Even people who aren't familiar with the band's mythology should be able to follow the story line. The game is designed for players of all types, ages, and ranges of experience, and we hope there's something enjoyable in it for everyone, from beginners to advanced gamers.

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