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Weapon Evolution Script Request

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I'm looking to get an evolving weapon script, but not one where the weapon gets XP, levels up, than evolves.  What I want the weapons to do is receive a parameter adjustment based on one or more variables, such as killing certain enemies, performing certain attacks or techniques, taking damage, and inflicting and being inflicted by status effects.


Example, I kill a slime that's been given poison element attacks.

Atk increases one point for killing it

Defense goes up two points for being nearly killed by it

Was poisoned during battle, so poison state resist goes up slightly while holding weapon

And because I killed a creature that can poison, there is a slight chance to inflict poison on attack.


If certain parameters are met, such as relatively high attack, a high chance for poison, but minimal defense ability, it might evolve from a longsword to a assassin's dagger, which grants further bonuses to things like agility, and the process begins again.


I would be massively appreciative if this can be done, though I understand if it can't.

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