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~~~~~~~~~~~~Halo Reacharound: Extenze~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a warning: (one will also be implemented to the game itself soon) This game is incredibly offensive. Like, really, really offensive. It includes but is not limited to:

-Sexual Content -  There is nothing shown but the game is sprinkled with very vivid descriptions of such content.



-Vulgar Language

-Religious Prejudice

-Crude Humor

-References to tragic events, recent or otherwise

-Drug Use

If you even think these might offend or disgust you, don't play this. Don't even read on. 


Abstract:  In this world, everybody hates you. You're a really big jerk, and so this isn't going to make your journey easy. This story is about how you became to be that jerk and what it puts you through.

Genre:  RPG, with some science fiction elements and mentions of real-world events.

Average Demo Time: An hour and a half so far.

Game Progression: This is actually quite far along but not quite finished. Though it may appear so and it's possible for the game to be finished (or is it ??????) large sections of gameplay are not yet included.

Recruitment: None. 




Story / Setting / Purpose:

you suck. betray friend. get girls. beat friend ass 


P.S. sorry, anything more is seriously spoiling


P.P.S. im not sorry


Character Bios:


An average boy. . .man. . .? Well, however old he is, Corndildo is your main guy. You're stuck with him. Although he has good intentions, we all know the road to hell was paved with them. He is gullible, easily persuaded, self-centered, and many other negative connotations. He is born of a very powerful, influential, but secretive family. . .



She's such an otaku. She has a strong personality, but this really just means that she's pushy, bossy, pressures you, and tricks you. She also has no real consideration for the feelings of others. On the other hand this persuasive personality translates into battle. Good for you!



This imprisoned girl will communicate with you on your adventure and guide you, making sure you do not falter in your quest. Can she be saved? 



A mysterious masked assassin who wears a gas mask to hide his face. But is that really all that lies under the mask? Is he friend or foe?



This lost but friendly girl stays by your side when you first meet her. She takes advantage of her natural abilities to be an effective fighter. But does she carry any ulterior motives. . .?



This monstrous foe is the villain's secret pet project. Born of hatred, jealousy and the fury of its creator it aspires to crush Corndildo where he stands. It feeds on this anger and only grows stronger in time.



This can spoil certain story-related situations.


Five Finger Death Punch - War Is The Answer

Pirates of the Carribean - He's A Pirate

Toontown - Donald's Dock

Persona 4 - A New World Fool

Good Charlotte -  Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

King Geedorah - Fazers

KMFDM - Agogo

Bioshock 2 - Pairbond

destructive daz (youtube) - Phantom of The Opera Dazathon Remix

MasterJace (remix) - Pokemon Dark Cave Remix

Unknown - Sad Violin

/v/ - Snake Eater Cover

Gearbox Software - Underdome Riot

Watchmen OST - Hallelujah

Kingdom Hearts 2 - The Underworld

American McGee's Alice - The Vale of Tears



















- A unique story that teaches the value of not being a jerk.

- A memorable cast of characters and enemies.

- Unique battle skills! Crash commercial airliners into your opponents, or bleed on them.

- A super serious duper past that you can't remember. 

- Unique items to assist you on your adventure.

- A world where every single character hates you.





Known Issues:

No known glitches at this moment/


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If you're looking for a break from run-of-the-mill tales of heroics, this is the game for you. The hero isn't really a hero--what is he? You will have to play to find out. The characters and dialogue are a very nice refresher from protagonistic parties that spend all their interaction hugging each other. Instead of motivating each other to become better people, our beloved "heroes" instead berate each other on their flaws. For laughs, of course.


The story is rather involving for those who have the dedication. The characters undergo a very real spectrum of human emotions, particularly hatred, jealousy, vengeance, and even love. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean they grow from these qualities. Regression seems like a more appropriate term. There are also ties to real-life events to give this game a more credible story. A nice touch.


The dungeon really wow'd me. It could be considered the diamond in the pile of gold. Or gold in the pile of diamonds. Not sure which is more valuable. Anyway, it takes a large stance amongst the rest of the game. It's aesthetically and designed on a far superior level. The music and visual design really set it to a breed apart as a creepy, mysterious place.


The music has a wide variety of sources and feels, yet this game finds a way to pull them together to stand on the common ground. The custom tunes did a very good job of conveying particular emotions.


If this game is lacking anything, I'd have to say battles. They aren't unloseable per se, but there is little skill involved for the most part. But hey, that could work out to your liking if you're looking for a breather.



I'm looking forward to what will be the finished product.

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There's a new download up since the old one had some game breaking bugs that could prevent further completion. This one's pretty awesome. You should check it out. And thank you for that nice comment, Vincent. I enjoy knowing about people's thoughts on this.

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