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No RTP or other files needed.

Gather round, kids, it's time for some
story-telling. You got the lights off and curtains down?
Then let's start.

Let's go back in time, to the year 1913.
We're going to follow the story of a normal,
but yet not so normal family.
It all started when the family inherited
a big mansion from the mothers
now deceased uncle.

They weren't rich by any means, but they also inherited
quite a bit of money.
So they thought: "Wow, living in a mansion,
let's try it out!"
Ah, the young and foolish.
Would there be any stories to tell without them?

Alright kids, let grandma Agatha guide
you through this night of horror.
You like scary stories, don't you?
Because if you don't...
Shoo! Go away!

This game is something I made for a contest in which
you were required to finish a game in one week.
The contest in question was GIAW XI and it finished in 3rd place.
The game plays much like games such as "The Crooked Man",
The Witch's House, or Mermaid Swamp, although being made in a single week,
the quality and length of the game is somewhat lower.
Playtime should be between 0.5-1 hour.














Scripts by:





modern algebra

V.M of D.T

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neither do I haha, sort of doing my head in >.<, did you find out yet?



NVM found it out!

Try the room near Roberts!

Just finished it, good work man, love to see some more of your work after playing this, all I'd recommend is maybe giving the player a tiny tiny hint towards some of the goals or needs, besides that it was enjoyable.

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I'll check that out in the morning! I'm turning nocturnal... It will probably be the early afternoon!


--- EDIT ---


How did I miss that!? Looks like I beat the game, it was an interesting ride that didn't stop where I expected. I guess I can see why, as there was only a week to make it. An interesting little game, well done!  ;)

Edited by Draaloff

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I've made several other games, here:

Reap and Sow       Not finished

Skinwalker             Finished

Haven't made a topic for this one but here it is on my site:




There are lots that could be done better in the game, but as you say I only had a week to do it. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered.

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