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Tales of Adamah:





An adventure epic in a mind-blowing explorable fantasy RPG setting where your decisions will shape the history of the

world! This time, you are thrown in a political turmoil when nations rebel against a decadent Empire ruled by the bloodline of a hero who brought peace to the world long ago. In the meantime, a powerful organization starts working for both sides of this battle, while a group of priests is persecuted with the charges of being responsible for the new ensuing chaos.

Who will uncover the secrets that set this epic in motion? Who will decide the future of Adamah?

This story is part of a trilogy written by me, Rodrigo Sughayyer Elias (still unreleased).


Progression: The storyline is divided in 12 chapters. The demo version features 3 chapters, and the beginning of the fourth.


haracters: These are the main characters of the game.


From left to right, up and down:

Joshua: A young swordsman fostered by the King's personal bodyguard, he studies a technique long forgotten. He does not know it yet, but his actions will determine the future of Lianham's kingdom, and of Adamah itself.

Zack: One of Joshua's few friends, and one of the few soldiers in the kingdom of Lianham who is not jealous of his position and also his girlfriend, Dolores.

Levy: Roams the world under the guise of a travelling bard, but he is a good friend and protector of Petrus, He is skilled in the ways of the world -- and the ways of the girls.

Petrus: A young priest with a strong sense of duty. He loathes violence, but learned to fight to protect the weaker ones than him. He is peaceful and prefers rational, practical thinking, but in the face of danger a different side of him shows up...

Lucy: Little is known about her aside from the fact that she is supposedly a mad wizardess who was banished from the last magical order in existence. She seems frail, but her body hides fearful secrets.

Dolores: Joshua's girlfriend. She is a very ambitious girl who puts her goals above everything else. Only later in the story her role will be fully revealed. She is a student of a powerful wizardess.

Sarah: A seer that roams the desert. She is seeked by her wisdom and takes Joshua and Petrus under guidance. But does she reveal everything she sees in her visions?


Features: A large explorable world, non-linearity, many optional subplots and many ways to approach the same puzzle. Dungeons and challenges can be beaten in different ways depending on how you assemble your party. The game also offers many tactical routes to choose during battle, like the order of the party line-up, and the possibility to make a member refrain from battling. The skill system is also very flexible. Each character has their own skillset that must be earned in different ways - some through leveling, some studying, some unlocking plot elements. Also, the addition of Galv's Shard System provides customization of your skills, and allows you to combine different essence shards to unlock more spells. Clever use of the abilities is the key to victory, since spamming "attack" and curative skills like most RPGs won't get you too far. The battle engine is a modification from Jet's battle engine which runs smoothly and is very gamer-friendly.


Credits: Scripts used:

Tsukihime's Target Management

Yanfly Core

Yanfly Aftermatch

Yanfly Party System (this script has been modified to suit this project, but all credits still go to yanfly)

Jet's Simple Battle Engine (this script has been throughly modified but all credits go to Jet)

Galv's Magic Shards

Khas' Awesome Light Effects


Original RTP

Modified RTP

Art from Enterbrain


Helmut Vonlichten

Franz Vonlichten

All rights reserved. No part of this soundtrack can be reproduced without permission.



Omega Zero



Special thanks:

FOmar for mantaining a blog with so much info.

Galv for helping me find my way around this site.

Tsukihime and Yanfly because I disassembled your scripts to try to find my way into scripting.



And now, the pictures! *

The artwork is susceptible to change if a graphical artist signs up for help. The system can even support Holder Battlers! So sign up!

post-33299-0-14385400-1376586355_thumb.png Overview of Lianham Castle town

post-33299-0-09725000-1376937753_thumb.png Prologue (Escape at night)

post-33299-0-57593500-1376586467_thumb.png Joshua performing a sword swing at a Green Mold

post-33299-0-84219200-1376937790_thumb.png Shopping!

post-33299-0-79848600-1376937812_thumb.png In the cave



Download Links:



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A demo version was scheduled for today, but I'll postpone it until when I get home, next monday.

It will also feature a neat addition: Khas light effects.



Also noting that if any graphic artist wants to join the project, there's still time! (altough I probably won't change the art in the demo). 


EDIT: The demo version is being uploaded right now! In the meantime, I'm posting more pictures.


post-33299-0-53799600-1376931279_thumb.png Prologue - nighttime escape


post-33299-0-70092300-1376931325_thumb.png Prision at Lianham Castle


post-33299-0-26730600-1376931367_thumb.png Now that's a real shop


post-33299-0-37777600-1376931395_thumb.png A picture of the first dungeon of the game


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Okay, I played the demo.


There are a few grammar/spelling problems during the prologue, but I did like your use of the scripts you are using for battle and for the skill orb/pie.  Some of your maps need a little work to break up large areas were there is little or no details.  The music is really interesting but quite loud.


Overall I enjoyed the demo and look forward to any updates/chapters.

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Er... slight problem. I downloaded the game, but I've only gotten the audio as I get a 'Download Failed' message for anything beyond that.

Were you able to download it? Please check if it was a temporary problem. At any rate, tomorrow I will post another link (with the RTP included).



EDIT: New link posted (tested and working). 

I did not add the RTP files. This was resulting in an awkwardely big file.

Edited by Sughayyer

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I can check spellings and grammar if you like. I'm probably the most qualified for a job like that... I had a reading age of 20+ (that's the highest) at... 10 I think... That means double. I guess I have a few talents!  :D But I'll happily read over what you have. Difficult time for me, but I'll try my very best to proof read as soon as any text is ready... if you want me to.

Edited by Draaloff

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Tonight I'll upload a new demo version, with three chapters and around 6 hours of gameplay. I hope you enjoy it!



As I promissed yesterday, the link for the new demo version is up!

If you have played the first demo version, I recommend you to start it over instead of picking where the first demo left, since the reward system and a few cutscenes were improved.


Bugs, questions, complaints, I'm all ears!

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Will be trying the game out. Might be able to release a review once I finish the demo. :)



Finished playing the game and the review could be found here. :)

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Based on the feedbacks a new version is being developed. The sidequests are going to be more accessible, the difficulty is going to be toned down, and some general changes are going to be made.

It'll probably will be finished as soon as I get a break at work!

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