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Mechanical Mayhem: August ReStaff Release

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Welcome to this months ReStaff Release.This month we have two guest contributions one from our own Kayden997 and also from a newcomer Nerverward. As always let us all know how much you enjoy the content below!! We all really appreciate it!




This month our Resource Team have pulled out all the stops, with tons of beautiful high quality content





I hate this ground!!! DIE DIE DIE!


This month Ritsukou has provided us with two Static Battler and a new Windowskin. Download the zip file below to see it all!






Girl dressed up in leather...*drools slightly*


This month Cecillia has created a new character for use in your non commercial projects! Cyril, you've got the full lot this month with Sprites, Emotion Faceset, Portrait and Bust. 

Also included is a mini parallax tileset (download the file for all content)





"Take me to your leaders kneecaps"


Charles this month has gone all alien on us, and has given us a number of UFO's and also a chibi alien! alongside side a cog-ing great background which would do great as a game over or title screen!





-coming soon- 


(sadly due to circumstances beyond my control. the two tracks I originally wrote, won't be available to download right away. However you CAN listen to them below: 




A great big thanks to our Guest Contributions this month! If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor then please send me a PM to find out about this months Theme!


and now an announcement from 



Hey guys, it's me again. If you haven't noticed I'm not actually part of the content team... Nor a great artist. But once in a while I need to chip in a bit to be recognized around here (and to cover myslack great moderation). Okay, show and tell time:

Alright, so the first item in you cart is a potion dispenser. As we all know, in a few year from 1400 the merchants will be replaced with these convenient little boxes. Just think, a merchant will not be in a forest in the middle of the knight (see what I did there). But this has no need for bug spray because its open 24/7. Neat huh?
I've added a few default text to it for your use. However if you need to modify the text or colour, feel free to. Just don't claim it as your own afterwards.
Save as... > !$(name_here).png

Next and last is a battler. Let me paint another picture for you: you are the ruler of a mighty castle. You are going to sleep or leaving for a stroll. What do you do? Guards will fall asleep and dogs will be easily fooled. But battle droids? They are packed and good to go.
This battler comes with extra ammo, 2 equipment slots, and 6 free AA batteries. All for the price of X Kb.
Save as... > (name).png


See ya when I return! 


and last but by no means least...a special welcome to a new guest Contributor 




Wallpapers? On a futuristic release? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!


Just because we're in the future, doesn't mean we still don't need wallpaper! So here we are! ENJOY! xD

She's also created a catchy looping track futuristic track which sounds pretty epic! (find it in the download) 



That's it for this month, sorry we're a few days late (my bad...) Click below for you download! and remember you are required to check the credit requirements from all resources! :)


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These resources are very impressive and great, and Kayden that Battle Droid Battler makes me want to play some KOTOR fml

Plus for some reason at 1:20 on the Mechanical Mayhem August Restaff music it sounds like a rhythm I heard on either or both of the Avatar Cartoons but I can't seem to fetch the actual name..

Edit: I'd be grateful to see Cecilia upload a Speed Art of any of her art when she gets the chance, your art style is peculiar and interesting. And I really need to learn techniques for digital art.

Edited by AJNR

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