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Szyu's Questlog

Create Quests, the player can do on his journey through the world,
intensifying the experience of a real RPG.

How to Use
- $game_party.gain_quest(qid) - Activates the quest[qid] for the party and returns true! Returns false, if the party couldn't recieve the quest!
- $game_party.complete_quest(qid) - Completes the quest if all objectives are achieved and returns true! Returns false, if the quest is not completed!
- $game_party.cancel_quest(qid, failed): cancels the quest. Marks it as failed, if the parameter failed is true!
- $game_party.quest_completed?(qid): Checks wheter the quest is completed or not and returns the result. Does not mark the quest as completed!
- $game_party.has_quest?(qid) - Checks if the party recieved the quest and returns the result.

* For an example how to use these commands to make a questgiver, look below at the screenshots.

The Questlog with an active quest. The objectives will be colored when achieved or not.

An example of a questgiver event:

Pastebin via Adfly if you want to support me!

Mediafire via Adfly
Mediafire direct

Credits to Szyu if you plan to use this script.



- Changed some issues with autoquests (quests which start in the beginning of a game)
- Fixed bug when checking for completing a quest


- Added a list for completed quests

- More options in the configuration area

- The party's gold can now be an objective

- Added icons to the questlog's info

Edited by Szyu

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I love the simplicity of it! There are tons of quest scripts out there, most that can show pictures, icons, progress bars and a whole bunch of other stuff, but it takes forever to get your quests to work right. I love how with this one you can get in, type what you need, and get out. Awesome! :D Just a few questions/suggestions.

Question 1: What happens when a quest is complete? (What happens to it in the quest menu.)

Question 2: Are the colors of the text easily changed? Or am I going to have to search the script to change them?

(I may be able to answer those questions myself later today when I got off work.)

Suggestion 1: Would it be possible to add icons? I think something basic like that would really go a long way in this script. That way you could show visual objectives, and rewards. And if icons could be added to the left side as well you could add markers indicating a quests completion.

Suggestion 2/Question 3: Would it be possible to add a rewards section/ is there already a way to do that?


Again, I'm going to try this script out when I get home today, but I just wanted to get the first comment in! :) This looks very promising!!  

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Thanks for your reply... I'm looking forward to hear the results of your testings...

Answer 1: When the quest is complete and you set the quest itself as completed (e.g. by $game_party.complete_quest(id)), the quest is removed from the log. I could add a new section for completed quests, where all of them are shown, but I think this would be too much overload for a simple questlog...


Anwser 2: The colors shouldnt be that a problem too change, but I think I could add some options in the config area for simplicity.


Suggestion 1: Of course it is possible and is a great idea... Think I will do it on monday and update the script with all changes at once


Suggestion 2: Rewards were not planned so far, because I thought of this questlog just to show the objectives and let everything else (even rewards) be handled by events and quest givers after completing a quest.  You must know I made this script for my own game and thought it would be appreciated when shared. I wanted the quest giver let the player decide by decision command which reward he wants..

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Awesome! Sounds like when you update it it will be even more awesomer than awesome! :D I understand where you were going with the rewards thing too. That would leave it a lot more open. Good idea! :)

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Beautiful script! Thank you so much for this! I will definitely be using this in my project!

And thanks Kevin for those suggestions! You're right, those additions made this script "even more awesomer than awesome!" Hehe! :)

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