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I apologize to everyone who follows this thread as I have not been able to post much content as often as I used to. Please be sure that I will still be updating this thread, but it will be with longer delays between posts.
Hello Everyone. I am One Cut Studio. This is the place to find free RMVXAce resources made by me.






  • These sprites are free to use. I only ask that you credit One Cut Studio.
  • If editing the sprites, please credit One Cut Studio as original designer.
  • Do not use any of my resources in a commercial project. If you do want to use a resource in a commercial project please PM me first and we can talk.
  • (Optional) If you do use these sprites please let me know. It is always nice to see one's work being used.
  • Do not re-post on another site without permission. Linking is acceptable.
  • Some work may be RTP-edits, in which case credit must be given to Enterbrain and One Cut Studio for the edits.

I am not opening a shop and will not take resource requests at this time. I just wanted to add to the resources for developers out there as I appreciate many of the talented people who have done so for many years. I might occasionally look at the resource requests forum and see what I can do.




*NEWEST UPDATE: December 14th, 2014*

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! In the spirit of the season I have added a new Christmas-themed windowskin. I also added a new windowskin section to this thread featuring windowskins I have made for a ReStaff release this year. Enjoy.  :)





Earlier Release from November 5th, 2014


I made a new large monster sprite for the Minotaur. It animates through the step cycle. Yes this is done completely from scratch. :)






Earlier Release from August 23rd, 2014:


I was in the mood to make some icons. Check out 32 new icons! They are themed around more modern elements. Enjoy!




Prior Update: August 16th, 2014


I was patrolling the resource request board when I saw someone requesting a sprite for Thor and the Hulk. So, I decided to give it a go! If there is enough interest, I might add more Marvel characters to the set. Possibly Captain America, Nick Fury, Wolverine and Iron Man. Let me know what you think.




July 27th, 2014


Hi everyone. Finally I have something new to post here on my free resource thread! Everything seems to be getting in the way of me getting some graphics work done. Well it is what it is I suppose. Anyway, I had the urge to make some TMNT sprites. I finished the chibi versions and hope to have the larger sized sprites up soon. :)






Prior Update from June 15th, 2014:


Time sure flies by! I am back again with some more mobile meal morsels (aka spinning food)! They animate very nicely and work great for any type of in-game pickup. I might compile these and other graphics into an icon set in the future. I wanted to release something this month before I leave soon on my vacation. Enjoy!





Prior Update from May 17th:

It has been awhile everyone! I am so busy at work and I have lost a lot of steam in my graphics making and my own game projects. Anyways, I though I'd share a work-in-progress that I started awhile ago. It has been on the back shelf but I have dusted it off to give you what I have. I wanted to make an entire tileset sheet for the A4 external walls but creating that many autotiles is super difficult! If you lake cake...then these walls are for you! :)





Prior Update: April 26th, 2014

I have been doing more generator pieces again! Some really interesting stuff hopefully for everyone in the future. What I have to share with you today is a set of modern army fatigues for males in the character generator. Total of 8 colors! :)





Older Update: April 20th, 2014

It has been awhile since I made some generator pieces. I also know that people always seem to be looking for futristic/ sci-fi stuff. Thus I present to you some newly created eyewear for the Character generator. Import them as a "glasses" file. There are a total of 7 to choose from. Three are color variations of the same design. Enjoy! :)





Earlier Release from April 6th, 2014

For some reason I enjoy making event graphics for items to pick up. These fruits, when animated through the stepping sequence, will hover up and down in the air.  You get an apple, orange, banana, and a strawberry! More fruit or food may be on the way, so look out for the next release from me...OCS!  :)





Earlier Release from February 28th, 2014

The update today is a faceset for two characters from Cait's game: Cat and Dog Gaiden. Check out her development blog for more information. The two emosets below are for the two main characters; Cat and Dog (obviously). :)










Newer Release from February 7th:


I am quickly running out of room to upload stuff here so mostly everything might be posted on imgur and linked here. Anyways, I am excited to bring you TWO 8-character sprite sheets made from the generator and new generator pieces I made for Elves and Dwarves. You are getting 4 Elf Males and Females, and 4 Dwarf Males and Females. Also included in this post are the generator parts you need to make your own Dwarves and Elves. The head layers and the eye layers need to be swapped out with the current human ones, but keep a back up because they need to be saved as "head.png" and "eyes.png." That is how the generator accesses them. The dwarf eyebrows can be added into the accessory folder to place over the dwarf female heads. Enjoy. :)







Generator Pieces:



Be on the lookout for my next release. :) 

























Some experimenting with RMVXAce's character generator provided me with a startling revelation that we can add our own files to the generator. This makes customizing our face sprites and characters so much sweeter and easier! I will start posting resources people can download and use in their character generator. With that said, the first resource I made is an edit of an existing generator component. I noticed that the female mouth choices came with fangs, but not the men. What, men can't have fangs?! So, here for you is a picture of fangs for men (like hair club for men):


You need to save it as Mouth09.png and place it in the correct folder in your RMVXAce's directory.
Open up the RMVXAce folder from your program files, go in to the Generator folder, open up the Face folder, then the Male folder and place it in there.
*I won't be held accountable if you accidentally delete, replace, or misplace any of your RMVXAce files. It is suggested that you back up anything you fear losing.
If you want to know more about how the Generator works, check out the link below:


I know that some of the graphics appear rough and may not blend entirely with the RTP. I'm okay with that. This is a comical style that you can use to create a variety of emotions quickly.




NOTE: To select the eye you want for the eye file, you just change the "eye color" option. This way I only had to make one set of eyes. The mouths on the otherhand are colored to specific skin tone.









































Edited by OneCutStudio

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Hey everyone! 


Check out my latest release updated in the original post. It is a Japanese-themed game picture of a dragon! I made this for anyone who might be looking for some Asian inspired designs.


- One Cut Studio

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I hate to be a spoil sport but I have a minor problem with the fangs. The fit perfectly on the larger heads but on the two smaller ones the lip shadow sticks further out below the chin than it should.

No worries. You are not spoiling any sport of mine. :)

I noticed that too when I was testing it out in the generator. These fangs were created using an existing mouth graphic as a base. That unedited base also does the same thing; making the lip shadow stick out further than the chin should allow. But hey, if the original designers at Enterbrain didn't care about it too much then neither do I. 


I'm sure that not all graphics will be 100% compatible with each other. I am still experimenting with the layering options in the generator and I am sure that as time progresses, so too will my resources.


Thanks for you input.

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Hey everyone,


Just updated my original post with the Manga Face pack for the RMVXAce generator. I thought I had uploaded those already when I just realized I only posted my example. So sorry! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and await the next release.


- One Cut Studio :ph34r:

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New Release everyone! I am sorry that it has been so long. Check out the original post for a very nice steam train and passenger car you can use for making a train in your game! :)




It has been known to me that the central track tile along with the left and right buffers don't align properly. I will work on this as soon as I can and re-release them on this thread.

Edited by OneCutStudio

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Happy Holidays and well wishing to all regardless of what you believe!

I am excited because I have been working on a new tileset for awhile now and I think the community will be pleased. I posted some samples before under the critique thread and I am using that feedback to adjust the quality of the tileset. What originally started out being decorations for fancy homes has evolved into tiles for a hunter's lodge. I was hoping to have this done for Christmas but that won't be possible. So please expect my first release of the New Year to be a biggie; A shiny new tileset. I'll put a teaser in the spoiler below of some tiles you can expect to see.





  • Dart Board and Cabinet
  • Pool Table
  • Mounted Animal Heads
  • Leather Furniture
  • A big taxidermy Black Bear
  • Plus many more...




Look forward to it!

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@Mantis: If there is anything in particular you are looking for, please let me know. It is always good to have ideas that I may not have thought of. I am working on a liquor cabinet, some knight statues, antique rifles, etc...

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Do you already have a jukebox, or is there already a jukebox floating around somewhere?  Also maybe some sort of arcade machine.  I can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now to go with that theme.

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Do you already have a jukebox, or is there already a jukebox floating around somewhere?  Also maybe some sort of arcade machine.  I can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now to go with that theme.

I have already made a jukebox actually. It is in the Retro Tileset I made for the last ReStaff Release.


-I can also work on an arcade machine, but it doesn't quite fit the lodge "feel" of the tiles I have so far.

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To anyone following this thread, I wanted to release my Tavern/Hunting Lodge tileset on New Years but I don't think that is going to happen. Anyways, progress on the Tavern/Hunting Lodge tileset is moving along quite nicely and I can't wait for its release. Free stuff is always nice, especially when the quality is good (at least I think so). My brother suggested that I start charging or at least have a PayPal donation link...to which I replied: "No." This workshop is a free shop.


If you have some free time check out my tutorials at the Pixel Dojo. The link is in my signature. :)


I will reveal some more tiles you can expect in my Tavern/Hunting Lodge tileset:



- Custom wood railing entwined with branches.

- Mounted animal heads and mounted monster heads from the RTP.

- Wall mounted firearms: hunting rifles and shotguns




That's all for now. Look forward to it!!!

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New Resources Posted! I finally posted my Lodge Tileset!

It does contain some RTP edits, although a majority of the work is from scratch. Soon I will update the OP with a list of the current tiles. You can find sample screens and the tileset above in the OP.

Enjoy. :)

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Man, it never occurred to me that I could shrink down the sky pictures to use as backgrounds in my window... Yet, I have used this technique with pictures.  Dang it!  (^_^) good job!

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New Release!


You will find a new graphic to use in the RMVXAce Character Generator...traditional karate uniforms for male sprites!

Check the main post under New Releases.

Female uniforms are scheduled for development. Stay tuned.



Female uniforms have been added to the main post!


-OCS :)

Edited by OneCutStudio

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New Release!


You will find a new graphic to use in the RMVXAce Character Generator...traditional karate uniforms for male sprites!

Check the main post under New Releases.

Female uniforms are scheduled for development. Stay tuned.


-OCS :)


I love you for making more generator outfits. Can't wait.

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Hey OCS, I know you like to hear suggestions on what to do next, and after searching the web for resources that don't really exist, here's a few of my own:


Carnival/Theme Park tiles/sprites.  There really are... close to zero out there.  There's a few carnival tents and resources that are more akin to a renaissance fair, but nothing for a modern day carnival or theme park (like a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc.)  I know this isn't Roller Coaster Tycoon, but I would have thought there'd be more of these out there, and I have lots of uses for them.


More Vehicles.  Your train was so fantastic, that I think you should do more large vehicles.  Perhaps some more modern vehicles like a plane, helicopter, car, bus, etc that are pretty scarce.  Or maybe a medium sized ship that isn't as teeny as the RTP ship, but not as gigantic as some of the tiled ships (i.e. a ship that's small enough for a vehicle but large enough to be noticed on a non-world map).  Your skill with this type of thing is really amazing, so I think you can make some pretty bomb vehicles that everyone would start using.


These are obviously just suggestions - not requests - so don't feel like you need to start working on them or anything.  I'm just a big fan is all.

Edited by Big Fat Mantis

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