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I'm Jeffrey Nordin and over the past year I made this game, The Logomancer. I've always wanted to make video games, so I finally decided to do it. I quit my job and moved to Seattle after completing the game in the hopes that it can be used as a resume to get me a job in game development. The Logomancer ended up being a very personal story and a lot of my own neuroses, insecurities, hopes, and philosophies are in the game. Write what you know, as they say.


The game should take around 10 hours to complete.


Download Link


The Logomancer can be downloaded here!


Game Overview and Plot Outline


The Logomancer is a JRPG without killing. Conflicts are resolved through argumentation, logical discourse and persuasive speech. Mastering the elements of rhetoric will allow you to make your point to even the most stubborn audience. The people you meet are your 'weapons' and the skills they teach your 'magic'. Why not befriend an old editor and learn about the power of Proofreading? Or assist a schizophasic blacksmith to learn how to Doublespeak? 


In the world of the Logomancer, everyone is connected to a communal dreamworld known as the Mindscape. During sleep, everyone interacts together inside this strange mental world. The mind is a powerful tool in the world of dreams and the few exceptional individuals with the ability to build dreamworlds for others to participate in are called Logomancers. 


Ardus Sheridan and his apprentice John Marrow are negotiators for the dream commodities company Powell-Mercer and have been sent to the seaside city of Ordolus in order to finalize a contract with the region's most recently discovered logomancer, Glenton Dahl. The story starts there as the duo reaches the city limits. What is the nature of the dreamworld that everyone is connected to? What is the true nature of logomancy? Is the emotion felt for a fictional character different from the emotion felt for a real person? Did the ancient peoples of Callosum like slow-roasted brisket? Play the game to find out the answers! 


Using the classical elements of persuasion, social interactions become rhetorical battles. A 'boss fight' could just be trying to convince a store owner to give you a new suit free of charge. This means that stats like 'persuasion', 'confidence', and 'elocution' are much more important than 'strength', 'dexterity', or 'magic attack'. If you've ever wanted to play a Final Fantasy 6-styled JRPG wherein you could improve your characters' Perspicacity, then this game is probably for you. 




The Logomancer draws inspiration from the following sources, so if any of these pique your interest, there's a good chance there's something for you in this game: The Lost Room, Inception, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy 6, Persona 4, House of Leaves, Silent Hill 2, and the music of two DTs - Dream Theater and Dark Tranquillity.




All art, sound, music, writing and eventing was done by me. Additional Ruby scripting was provided by Justin Nordin, Victor Sant, Yanfly, modern algebra, Fomar, Gamesfreak13563 and Lone Wolf.


Video Demo



Pay-What-You-Want Soundtrack Download


Visit the Logomancer Official Soundtrack Bandcamp page in order to download the game's soundtrack. The soundtrack is pay-what-you-want, which means you can get it for free, but paying more than zero is always appreciated! I composed and performed all 25 tracks (piano, keyboards, drums, bass guitar) with some help from my friend David on electric guitar.




Here are some shots from the game:















Steam Greenlight Page


I've also put the Logomancer up on Steam Greenlight. Click to visit the page and vote for it if you feel so inclined!

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