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Normal Differences








Abstract: Equality is sought for those who are branded “different.â€


Genre: Turn-based RPG


Average Game Time: 10-15 hours







Story / Setting / Purpose:


A girl, Giena, grows tired of how she sees people who are labeled as “different†are treated.  The game starts on the day that she sets out on her journey.  Along the way a few others join in her quest to right this wrong.  They travel in their world to the king where they find that all is not what they expected.  Continuing on, they must find and confront the true evil behind the inequality and stop it.




Character Bios:


Giena:  A caring girl who seeks to gain equality for those who are “different.â€


Athias: A boy with Asperger’s who has spent his whole life feeling like he is a disappointment to his parents and rejected by the townspeople.  Giena is his only friend.


Robson: A boy with ADD that has resolved to care for his fellow townspeople who were also labeled and shunned. 


Elsea: A girl with recently diagnosed dyslexia who learns that she can cast elemental magic due to her “difference.â€





I have just used the included materials to make the game.












Normal Differences with RTP

Normal Differences without RTP


Known Issues:
I don’t know of any bugs or problems, so please let me know if you find any.


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So, I tried the game for less than an hour and I have complaints already.


Paralyze - Does this state last forever? Bad luck got both my only party members affected by it and I got a Game Over because the state never went away regardless of the turns that passed.


Directions - This game has no directions whatsoever, we are supposed to go somewhere but how do we get there? We need to navigate one-thousand (Heavily exaggerated, I have no idea how many there are) annoying mazes for no reason I can think of, it's tedious and makes little to no sense.


Random Encounters - It really is a grindfest in this game, that's worse than the lack of directions.


Music - It's boring, it almost put me to sleep actually, I've heard the RTP music far too much and I don't want to hear it again. The odd track I've never heard before was interesting for a brief while though, it got boring too quickly because it was just too calm for me but that's just my personal preference really.


The mapping is rather strange but it's not as bad as the rest of these problems.


It may seem harsh but it's the truth, I'm always merciless with critique.

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