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Rise of Erebus



This is my first game I made a while back to help me learn rpg maker.

Sorry for the encounter rate, I tried to make it reasonable, but just could not get it right.




-Over 6 hours of game play! 




The kingdom of khilos and the rest of the world are in danger
now that Erebus (the son of chaos) has torn a rift between
the underworld and the land of the living. Using the element
of chaos, Erebus has broken out of Hades to collect the
souls if the living and rule the world. King Phyleus has
summoned you, the general of his army to put a stop to
the havok and restore order to the kingdom. You must work
together with (insert name here), a witch of healing, and
Agrius, A servant to Erebus, to collect the three shards
that make up the elements of chaos to destroy Erebus
and close the rift, leaving him forever trapped in the






The world is set in a friendly environment, but is overrun by
monsters. It is now unsafe to walk the land or even go outside.
The Kindom of Khilos, run by King Phyleus, is the last line
of defense for the world as the unknow now roam the land.
With dangerous caves and forests, the people have no choice
but to hide inside in fear. There are Fourteen continents
which make up the world, with vast oceans between them.
Deep caves and dungeons dwell within the land, And the
towns and houses are full of helpful people to talk to.





Character bios


(Insert Name here) is the general of King Phyleous's army in the kingdom of Khilos, that for some reason is always sent without an army to save the world.

(Insert name here), A witch that specializes in healing for the kingdom of Khilos.

Agrius, A servant of Erebus that was betrayed and executed.


























Download links

With RTP (249 Mb)


Without RTP (62 Mb)








Pause menu features

Zerbu Engine:
Title Screen Window Options

Pic Logo

John Bolton:
Scene file comformation

Victor Sant- Victor Engine:
Target Arrow
Animated Battle
Actor battlers
Map Turn Battle
Arrow Cursor
Damage Popup
Follower Control
Diagnal movement

Event popup

Water walk

Vehicle On Off Locations

Nicke- Xail System:
Simple gold HUD

Khas Arcthunder:
Khas Awesome Light Effects

Splash Screen





Thomas Surles





Thomas Surles






Known bugs:

It sometimes crashes when battling Imps and I don't know why.

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For a first game its not too bad, granted there are MANY things which can be Improved on, but honestly I don't think encounter rate was one of them.


The biggest issues that stand out are (keep in mind Im not too far in the game yet, just got the witch, thats about it)


2.Enemy Balancing


3.Story Progresion



1.Many of the maps need to be smaller and have more detail, remember less is often more.

Some Map transitions can be pretty jarring, like when I walk down a right facing stair case and come out of a left facing stair case, or Walk into a room only to suddenly be plopped smack in the middle of a lava river thus automaticly taking damage.

A few tiles seem missused such as the torches in the cave, (those are meant for sitting on a table, not a wall) and one building which had the tent roof.

Also in the first cave when you went to the second floor, you forgot the map transfer event back to the first floor and you seem to have forgoten to darken the light again.

The World Map I have no actual Issues with that, Kudos on a decent world map.


2. The enemies so far have not been posing a single bit of threat to me at the begining (I don't know if it will change later) Im battling enemys that keep

dealing 0 damage to me, and too make it worse Im still getting upgrades in Armor from chests.

Poison hurts, damn does Poison hurt, thats the only threat I've dealt with so far.

Having to wait til level 5 to even get a skill makes the starting battle quite tedious.

Quite a few enemies so far are facing the wrong way in battle, you ever think of making your line up on the left side of the screen instead of the right side? Might solve the awkward looking problem of rats and Hornets always moving backwards.


3. Understanding your story seems to depend a lot on if I read your story post here first (which I didn't) before playing the game, I simply start out and it isn't until I walk outside my home (I think its my home) that I even get an Idea of where Im going, and its basicly only a quest that says go to the king.

There needs to be some cut scene where maybe a guard shows up and tells you're being summoned by the king.



the game also crashed on me three times while while fighing slimes in the training area, once I started saving it more often the game stopped crashing and never crashed again, go figure.

The 100 exp that was offered for picking all the flowers is never recieved.

Many of the sleeping people in the west side of the castle need to have fixed direction checked on so that they don't change graphics when I try to talk with them.


Once I get much further into the game, I'll Post here again and give a final thought on the game. Im looking forward to when I get far enough to see that different battle view it looks like it could spice some things up and cut the monotony of battle.

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@VanillaCube. I totally understand, this was my first game ever and my first time using rpg maker, I never even made a short practice game to learn the program. This basically was my practice game. As for the battle system, I never even thought of putting the actors on the left, later on though there is some behind view battles.

Yeah i realize my maps were way too big, especially the castle, I wish i would have changed that. The reason i considered the game complete is because it has a beginning, middle and end, and i didnt want to work on it anymore.

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After going a little farther in I can say that the enemy balancing has gotten much better.

Unfortunately the farthest Iv'e been able to get is sky Village, Where I'm too speak with the Elder, but I can't find him anywhere.

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