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My project - a few pics - looking for critique!

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I was making a post for the showroom, but I don't have characters fleshed out enough yet to really put up bios, and to be honest I don't want to spoil the story by explaining it all.

The game is about 1-2 hours long at the moment, and here are some of the maps / styles so far - thoughts (positive or negative) are welcome!










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I really like the style of your overworld maps. they aren't the usual one town every 200 tiles with no other buildings inbetween. nice work on that. one thing i want to point out is the difference in the cliff walls in the first screens. it May just be me but it looks a bit off. the difference in stone looks somewhat unnatural. like i said though, it May just be me. wait for opinions from other people about it before you make any changes ;p

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Screen 1:

I personally think the characters are looking a little too big for the tree tiles you're using. 

It looks like they're half a tree tall. 


Let's take a really small tree and consider it's about 5 meters/16'4 tall.

Your characters, apparently reaching half of that length, would already be 2.5meters/8'2 tall.


I also think the first screen could use all brown cliff-walls/borders. 

There's something about that brown in the lower left looking weird with that grey. 


The characters' colors also seem a little too bright and smooth for this tileset.


Screen 3:

Another personal opinion of mine is that the stones around the lanterns sort of look strange on top of the wooden platform.

The way they need to be powered from somewhere it might have to look more like they go through a hole in the wood.


I also think the wooden fence on top of the platform could be more towards the edge?

It looks slightly odd to be wasting floor space by having a fence on the inner sides.


And the grass could maybe use a bit more detail here and there to liven the space up.


Screen 4:

The house looks like it needs bigger windows/more detail to fill up the empty wall space.

And the small windows to the sides look cut-off. 


The 4 little trees below the house, as well as the laundry to the left, seem to sort of go over the ledge's border too much.

Although I guess I could imagine tree roots doing that, it doesn't seem wise to have your laundry rack standing that close to an edge.

Especially with the water below it - not very drying friendly. ;P


Screen 2 & 4:

I do love your over-world maps. The way you've filled it up with all sorts of interesting places to visit! 

Makes me curious and wanting to explore.



Overall it's not bad or anything. 

I'm used to parallax mapping so it's always interesting to see pure VX Ace mapping.

Umm, I'm certainly not 100% sure about all my critique as mapping isn't my strong point. ^^;


Take all the time you need before doing a showroom post. 

Be at your best for advertising your game! (:

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This has been said previously, but I really like those overworld maps. There is plenty of variety, easy-to-find landmarks and it has a sense of "scale" to it, definite kudos there.

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The maps are nice! Again like someone else said the XP sprites on a VXA game look rather big but its your game and you choose whats best. I love the world map the character is scaled down and it looks like theres plenty of places to go. Looking good!

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