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Hey dude I was thinking (since you tend to do horrorrrrrr games) you could try out my game when It's further in development, it won't really take too long to send you a copy or I might have a public demo soon, no idea.

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Yeh, I can play it

I'm getting my stuff going again so drop me a link once it's done and I'll give it a go!


Also, everyone else, I am working on your requests, finally

I've got a few that need to be picked back up, but I'll try to get them all finished eventually!

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Oh boy I've fallen off the radar, haven't I?

A bit of housekeeping then:



I've resumed classes, but have a lot more free time than I did with my previous major, so videos should resume shortly

Sorry to everyone whose requests are still...not there... especially BigT and Chigoo, I'll be getting back on that soon since I've taken too long of a break from those

My computer is garbage at the moment, can't update for some reason and black screens occur randomly when playing even slightly-taxing games

No fix for that any time soon, at least 2 months

Shouldn't affect RM games but still...


Off-topic for here: I've taken a liking to the Attack on Titan fan game

Looking for people to play with me again, send a PM if interested :D




As for Minecraft, that would be fun

As soon as I can get a guy to play with me on LAN, I think I might do that

First things first though, gotta do those RM games

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