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[RMVXA Script Request] Grandia Time Bar

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I am looking for a script to have the same behavior as Grandia in terms of the Time Bar
I have seen this in Penny Arcades OaRSPOD Episodes 3 & 4, and know that both games were made using RPG maker VXAce; They utilized the same time bar system.

To better explain what I'm looking for or rather what I want.

On the bottom right is the time bar. Both Enemies and Heroes share this bar. As time progresses, they move right until they hit COM, Enemies choose an action based on their A.I.

After an action is selected, they go through the ACT phase or section of the bar. If the Players or Enemies select Attack or Defend, They go through the ACT phase in about 1 mil-second. If a spell or item was selected, then it takes a little time to go through ACT. (2 seconds for Items, 3-4 for spells & skills)

Some skills in this system delay the enemy from reaching the COM phase, other skills deny the enemy from even performing actions while they're in ACT and usually send the enemy back to the start of the wait phase! The downside is the enemies have the same advantage.

I know in Grandia you can move to dodge skills though I won't ask anyone to do that much, I'm just looking for the Time bar itself and assign which skills or spells deny enemies and delay them and to set how long it will take each skill to get through ACT.

I am even providing Graphics to anyone who would like to attempt to fulfill the request!



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I'm using Fomar's ATB system script with a charge action script.

Both edited to work with each other.


I do this to allowing a charge time for spells.

However, if you utilize these scripts you could make it so ALL action would require charging. 


I also made it possible to break a casting via stunning, confusing or other means.

You could do something similar to emulate pretty much all of Grandia's Time function with only the visuals to worry about.


Let me know if you need links and I'll get tham when I am able.

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I was bored once and did draw a Grandia IP Gauge in hope there would be a Grandia battle engine by now.
It's a little big but feel free to use ;)
If you want I could try to make it smaller.


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Sorry it took so long.


Here that list of scripts I'm using:


Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22


YanFly Compatible Customisable ATB/Stamina Based Battle System Script
by Fomar0153
Version 1.2


Yami Engine Ace - Charge Skill


*I had to edit them to make them compatible with each other.

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