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It's now October, so I thought this would be a good time to post this game here. It was originally designed for a Halloween contest at rpgmaker.net. Even as the short project it is, we got a little too ambitious and outside our comfort zone to be even remotely close to done on time. The project was put to the side, and we finally picked it up and finished it when the timing seemed right. The decision was also made to actually use publicly released scripts for the first time. If it were not for that decision, this might have never seen release. The rare alignment of days creating the perfect day to release also helped it to see release. Who would expect a Halloween game on Easter Monday for April Fools after all.

As to the actual game, we wanted to shift our usual focus and try to make a game with interesting battles. As to if we succeeded on that, well, we'll have to wait and see on that one. It's definitely more interesting than anything else we've previous crafted, but it's hard to judge your own work sometimes, especially when you hold it dear. That's not to say we abandoned what we enjoy. This still has just as many quirky characters and original art as anything else we've ever released! We certainly went over the top with filling this with as many stupid references as we could.

We hope you enjoy our little side project! It takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Feel free to share any references you catch. They are wide and varied, so it will be interesting to see what is caught.


Art by MakioKuta
Scripts by Racheal and Yanfly
Thanks to all our testers

Edited by Racheal

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