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Unveil — Survival Simulator (Now Moddable)

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Hey guys!


Unveil is finally on Steam. Now that I am done taking out the worst kind of bugs (those that lock people out of their games, in example >.<) I am going back to making new content for the game.


Thank you everyone who has been following the project for months or even over a year. It's been all a journey, yet it's not over yet. So thank you so, so much. Your support helped going through the hardest bits.


I'd like to wrap it up with the launch trailer:



And if you are interested in taking a peek, Unveil can be found on Steam at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/375210



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Hey guys! Wanted to bring you the latest news on the game. The Extend Content Patch!


With this, the game is now Moddable.


It means users users can add their own Scenarios & Maps, Items, Simulation Units and even Scripts to tweak game mechanics, balance, weather engine, or what have you.


I'll leave you with this video that explains it all. Cheers! :D


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