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Enemy Voices in Battle

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Enemy Voices in Battle

Version: 1.0

Author: DiamondandPlatinum3

Date: October 2, 2013





Planned Future Versions

  • You tell me :)


This script grants you the ability to have your enemies talk throughout battle.

Enemies will say things when attacking/using skills/getting damaged/etc.




  • Play Voices when Enemy is Attacking, Taking Damage, or using a Skill.
  • Gives you the ability to change the ratio that meets the damage voice criteria if you don't like the defaults.
  • Can easily set up voices per enemy per skill & item via the use of notetags.
  • Can mute battle voices with an event switch or by an enemy having a specific state attached to them (ie. Silence).
  • Enemies can have a death cry when they fall in battle.


Cannot Screenshot Audio :(




  • Instructions are inside of the Script


Get it from here





  • DiamondandPlatinum3
  • IAMFORTE - A glorious person deserves a glorious thank you :D


Post in this thread or PM me.


Known Compatibility Issues

I am unaware of any scripts it doesn't work with; if you find any, post in this thread.






Not Available yet.




Author's Notes


This weeks scripting has been brought to you by the letter 'L', as in

"Love that car" - Mitsubishi




Terms of Use


You may find my Terms of Use Here.

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This is the Best Voice script i used!


i have a little compatibility issue with Victor's "damage pop-up". Every time my actors hits the enemy, if i set an enemy "miss voice", the "miss" sound plays.

i tried changing PLAY_MULTIPLE_VOICES_FOR_MULTIPLE_HITS and other options but didn't fix it. plz help!   :)

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A quick fix is to put this code below the Enemy Battle Voices script:


class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base
  def apply_item_effects(*args)

I belive this same issue arise with the Actors Voices Script if Victors damage popup is also present.

Nothing really pops up straight away about why this occurs, though I imagine Victor is changing the data for Subject and Target (which this script uses).

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