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Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to the Official Staff Review Forum. Here you will find all staff reviews written by members of the Review Team and Guest Reviewers.


  • Staff Reviews Only. Please do not add your own reviews into this section of the forum, or in reply. If you wish to write an official review please contact @Jonnie91 to find out more. Members are invited to review games in The Critique main forum.
  • Game Discussions. Your own feedback on the game SHOULD NOT be made in the review topic. Feedback can only be made on the review itself. Discussions and feedback on the game are meant to be made in the Game Topic, or as a review. 
  • Flaming. Flaming of a review will be dealt with an instant warn, with no verbal warnings. Please note this does not mean, you are not allowed to give constructive criticism,

Good and Bad Critique:




Everyone likes different things and will always have a different opinion to others. That's just how the world is. I don't think there's a game that exists where everybody loves it. There will be people that do and people that don't.

While a review will reflect this and involve opinion, I feel it should also try to look at things objectively. A few things that have been said above made me feel I should mention some of my opinions.

Gameplay wasn't mentioned anywhere - For a review on a game, I felt that talking about gameplay would be a very important part.
Also, I think to me the mention of 'melodrama reaching twilight levels' was what lead to the line of thought of 'the reviewer didn't like the genre'.
But perhaps it wasn't the VN genre in particular that was meant here. For example, I didn't like Twilight. I found it boring and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone to watch... but it has a huge following of fans. I've enjoyed other dramas so I'm not sure it's the genre that I don't like. I guess my point here is I would say Twilight is 'not my style of movie'. I don't know how else to say it.

I guess to sum up what I felt when reading this review - It was something the reviewer didn't personally enjoy, which there is nothing wrong with at all and definitely has a place. But to me, the review was too focused toward that and wasn't as objective as I think a review should be.
I think that might be what has sparked this discussion.

These are my opinions, I understand not everyone will agree and that's normal.
I'm not and I don't believe anyone else was trying to discredit the author by stating their opinions here.

Examples of bad Critque:

This review is shit, and you are a stupid dumb-ass and should die in hell


no one likes you and you deserve to burn in hell!






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