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Grandia Battle System Request

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I'm waiting for this Script to come out for ages but nobody seems to show interest.
For many the System is very complicated but I'll try my best explaining it.
I'm going to use some ingame screenshots to help you imagine how it should look like and explain everything for you to understand how everything should work..

What is the Battle system of Grandia?

Grandia uses a turn based battle System.
It has one IP bar where you can see both allies and enemies "running" to through the bar to start a attack.
It uses a free movement during battle and some attack types are using a limited movement system so they can fail if the enemy is too far away. 
It uses area of effect abilities and a very different HUD from the original RPG maker VX ACE HUD. 


What is a IP bar?

Note: This bar is a little too big. I need to work on this one a little.

Tbh. I don't know what IP stands for but it is used as a integer variable that need to be filled until a certain amount before choosing a command or how the player would see it:
the battler Icon would move from left to right. The bar is usually in the bottom right corner. 

IP math:
Lets say the whole IP bar needs 1000 IP from beginning to the Com point. The red area uses different system. the average speed of a character is 50 IP per second while the IP of the easiest Enemy is 40 IP per second. If the soldier and the purple haired girl would start at the same time then the girl would reach the Com point and the soldier would still have 160 IP to go. In the picture however the soldier was faster than the girl or he was lucky and started the battle a little further in the bar which is possible since when the battle starts, the characters would usually start on random places between the end of the "Wait area" and the middle of the bar. The IP gain speed should be increasable through battlers Luk stat and temporarily by items.

IP Damage
Now lets say you decided to  use a basic attack on the enemy, called "Combo" in Grandia (usually uses 2 basic attacks - increasable). this would do some IP damage (increasable) which would throw the enemy back and delaying him from reaching the Com/Act point. There is a second command called "Critical" which starts one guaranteed Critical hit that is able to cancel the Enemy if he is in the red area or deal a bigger amount of IP damage if he is in a blue area. The enemy already shows his next attack before entering the last blue colored block so it should give enough time to plan your moves through.

Red Area
The red area is used to channel abilities, spells, items, or other commands. The red area has a fixed channel time that does not depend on luk but is decrease-able by leveling up abilities or equipping items. Once you reach the Action point (act) the game would freeze or not depending on the action you've chosen. If it was a skill or spell the player/enemy would start off at the beginning of the wait area. If used a Combo or defense command it would skip the red area and start where the blond girl is right now after the command is done.

How does the HUD look like?


Note: this is from the PS1 version of the first Grandia that was released 1999. The latest installment (2005) used a Circle as the IP bar which should be harder to program.

On the top we have the view on our Character HP, MP and SP. It doesn't show these three bars in the screenshot but it is from the first game. There are three bars in later games.
On the bottom left we have the detailed stat windows of the Character. It shows the Name, HP, what command it is planning (in this case it says command input) and what buff are applied to this character. the thing with status effects is that they worked for the whole battle and were stackable up to seven. You don't need to do that. A simple "Buff lasts 5 rounds" is enough.
and on the bottom right we see the IP bar.

The Command Ring should have following Commands
Combo - attacks an enemy twice dealing 1.0 damage and low IP damage. needs to run to the enemy and gains a little distance after finishing the second attack.
Critical - attacks enemy once dealing 1.5 damage and medium IP damage. needs to run the same way as in Combo.
Defense - either defense position in which you take only 30% of the damage or changing position. while defending you start at the end of the wait area and defend until you reach the com again. while changing position you have 5 choices to choose from.
Flee - You channel for 5 seconds and then success or fail depending on level compared to the enemy ones.
Tactic - OPTIONAL! - Sets up tactic for the computer to auto-battle the enemies.
Item - uses a Item. Channel time fixed.
Skill / Magic - This menu can also be splitted into two - allows you to chose a skill / spell. channel time depending on skill / spell level or Item equipped.

The first Grandia uses this normal ring however Grandia 3 did a little better job.
All the commands, except skills and magic, are in the middle ring that are choose able by pressing up and down. If choosing left or right you choose a spell or Skill. I would prefer this type of command ring.

What do you mean by limited movement?
Simple: in Grandia the enemies and characters need to walk to their enemies to perform a normal attack or critical hit. Skills and spells freeze the game while being used/casted. Limited movement allows both teams to fail their attacks if they need too long to walk to the enemy. This plays a big role since many skills and spells are going to have a area of effect (AOE). Now you know what the "change position" command is good for.

The best thing would be if you would watch a YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVV3SmKyx4E

I think thats more than enough to get a clear picture about how that should work. Feel free to ask if you don't understand something.
It would be really awesome if someone could make this Battle system. I was planning to try learning ruby but I can't find the time for it >.<
If you need resources for the HUD feel free to ask I could give them at any time but I think that the only thing you are going to need are the IP bar and Command Ring files.
Things like Battler Sprites are easy to rip. In the worst scenario I would draw them by myself.
I hope someone is going to take my request.
Thanks in advance.

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... I yield my request making powers.


This is well laid out, more well laidout than I could ever do.


I thank you for the bar back in the first request though.

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Well you can say I was studying the Battle system during catching up Grandia Xtreme and Grandia 3.
I also looked around the internet and saw that most requests don't explain anything or don't know how the System works at all.
So, I decided to take my Time to explain the System as far as I could and hope that maybe someone decides to make this Battle System.
Anyway the Bar used in the example and the one I posted in Shadoan's thread are too big. I've a smaller one that should fit RPG Makers resolution perfectly.


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