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Khas Awesome Lights/Tsukihime Overlay Maps

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I’ve ran into a problem lol. I’m  using Khas Awesome Light Effects and Tsukihime's Map Overlay together. My issue is that when you activate the tint command from Khas’s script, the overlay map is tinted as well even when properly set up. I tried this in the demo as well with Khas’s script and got the same result. Is there any way to stop this?

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This is an issue with the z-value of the light sprites.

The proper way to fix it is to make sure that the z-value depends on which layer you are on.


As long as you DON'T use light effects on an overlay map and only the current map, you can go into the configuration of khas' script and change this:


# Z coordinate of the Effect's Surface
Surface_Z = 100
Then your map will look as you probably intend it to look:




Actually I'm not even sure if light effects on separate layers will behave properly just because they all reference the current map.

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That's the effect I was after :) I've only tried the light effects on the base layer so I'm not sure either how it would act on others either. Thanks again Hime, I'll check out the separate layer effects if you haven't already.

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