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CSCA Game over Options

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CSCA Game Over Options v1.0

By: Casper Gaming (Casper667)



This script will allow you to change the gameover music and image seperately by changing the value of a variable in game. It also adds a menu to the gameover sceen with options to return to title, quit, or load a saved game. Text for each option is customizable.



- Change gameover music w/ a variable

- Change gameover image w/ a variable

- Menu added to gameover screen with load, title, and quit options.



Not needed.


How to Use

Place in your materials section. Further setup required, instructions included in script.



1.5MB download here: LINK



Text file is found here(copy and paste everything into your script editor in the materials section): LINK



None yet.



Casper Gaming




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Although there are already some scripts out there that add to Scene_Gameover (one of which is actually mine), I got to say that I like the idea of setting background and sound by variables.

That way, you could even make custom game overs depending on where, when and how you died (e.g. different game overs for dying in a regular battle, in a boss battle or from that boss's special attack).

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That's the idea, and main reason I made this script. :) This is actually a port from one of my VX scripts which was never released to the public other than on my little known about website, like most of my other scripts that will be released when I get around to making a demo for them.


The menu was just an easy addition which I basically just copied from the title scenes/windows, and then after that I couldn't think of anything else to customize the gameover scene with. :P

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I'm new to scripting, and I as wondering if you knew how to add text afterwards depending on what option you choose on the Game Over screen? Example: Load Game (Nice Choice!), Quit (Please Don't Give Up!)

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Why would you need to change it to a switch? 🤨


The script is designed to let you change the game over graphic and music with variables.

You set the value for the variable and it will use that file.




... etc


To have it as a switch would mean you could only have two files and the files would be called 




Besides the fact that there should be no need to not use a variable.

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