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Good morning! Good night! Good anything-in-between!


Now that I've gotten smart enough to resolve issues with photo uploading, I've decided to start a resource showcase! Though, as you may see, it's a laboratory rather than a resource showcase...mostly because I'm experimenting and you have to understand that some of the mad scientist's experiments are going to go boom.


Just a heads-up. 


gabriel33.gifPage One (You are here)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (Third reply)  gabriel33.gif






I do a lot of art, though you probably wouldn't know it since I don't post a lot of art. (This is due to my inability to cope with the forum's picture sharing system, which gave me problems for a pretty long time. But no worries, I finally got it sorted out!) I've only been doing manga/anime/CG-style art for a few years. This is actually my fifth year doing this style of art, and I love it. However, though I have limited experience with manga, I'm a natural-born artist and do much more than just anime people. But I have to say manga is my most natural style, and works best with my ability.







This is just a little acronym catchphrase mabobber that I coined myself. I know a lot of artists (and non-artists) have TAC (terms and conditions) or TOU (terms of use), but since I'm an odd and definitely original person, I have my own way of telling you my rules: CATs! My Conditions And Terms! 

I know, I'm too proud of myself. ^^"



~Don't claim as your own~

~Non-commercial only~

~No distribution~

~Request refusal is my right~

~Nothing sexual/explicit~

~Please don't edit~

~Credit me (Tsarmina)~

~I can use and share request material~










My DOGs (Difficulties & Observations in General) include some things you may want to know before you request from me. If you look through the Experiments, you'll notice some of these.


~Non-RTP/Unique style~

~Feminine art preference~

~Portrait specialisation~

~Varying sizes~

~Please be patient; I take a long time to finish art~




Closed for now.

Requesting rules below~


Most of this is just copied over from the CAT section, but there's a little bit more you probably wanna know if you're going to request and not just use from the showcase. These come in conjunction WITH the CATs, so you have to follow ALL the rules.


~I can refuse requests or stop requests~

~Nothing sexual~

~No commissions! PM me if you really want one~

~No editing finished requests except recolors~

~Credit me (Tsarmina!)~

~I can use request material~

~Please be patient~

~One request at a time~



I will do:

  • portraits
  • CGs
  • emosets
  • battlers
  • small sprite and tile edits
  • logos
  • windowskins





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So, I'm guessing this is why you came here; to look at the resources experiments! Some of them go kaboom, and some of them turn out to cure cancer, but whichever way, the mad scientist is posting them for you. 


~All-in-One Downloads~
























Lavender in full is finally here! 

She's probably one of my fullest sets so far. I have a thigh-high portrait, a regular 272x288 waist-up portrait, a face, and two sprites. Isn't that amazing??



From left to right: full portrait, regular portrait, face, walking 4d sprite, step animation gardening sprite <3






The sprite was heavily modified--I used a sprite from Hermit Crab as a reference.  :)




















Two portrait sizes, a face, and a sprite, because I know all too well how useless it is to have a portrait if you don't have a sprite to go along with it. =.=






Small versions:










Small versions:
































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Sarah, aka Vivaldi, is a princess based on one of my friends. I created Sarah as the main character for a game for her birthday :) A few upsetting things about Sarah is that she has some annoying white space, which can show up irritably on a dark background. For this reason, I'll let you edit any of Sarah's emosets to take the white spaces out only. Don't edit anything else, please!


I might make different skin variations for Sarah later, but for now it's just this ^^" Enjoy!




I'm going to make an emoset for her...eventually. She's a character in my Alice story (which may be a game sooner or later, depending on how my topic in Theory and Development turns out [Hm...This One...Or that One...?]). I know she looks a little...blank...but I may change her a little later.



Thanks to Penta for the (heavily edited) portrait base!




For anyone who's read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, I'm making a game based on the book! So here's my portrait for Biddy; I went ahead and made emosets for her...


Thanks to Penta again for the base :3






I designed her dress so you could use as a mermaid if you want~ ^-^ And I remembered to resize, so no worries!












It's hard to tell now that I resized, but the hair was really beautiful at 200% T-T Oh well. There's a full emoset for you guys, and tonight I'll check poll results. (Sorry, I know that was fast...)


Also added Rapunzel in the OP ^-^


-RESTAFF: Toadette





-Sughayyer's Isis


I originally colored her with brown hair so her hair wouldn't be a total pain for me to color (since it has lots of highlights, curves, and bends), but the black recolor didn't turn out as defined as I hoped. I actually like the brown version better. Anyway, you can copy/paste her expressions onto the black-haired one because I was way too lazy to re-express both the brown and black versions ^^"

Black-haired Isis, with original brown versions:


Enjoy! I think I may use her hairstyle again on someone else, I truly enjoyed coloring it ^-^




No, not the mermaid, but say hello to MY Ariel. She's very near and dear to my heart, however I think she looks a little more "farmgirl" than I would like =.=" You might've seen her disastrous concept sketch in Slenderman's Family, however I assure you that she's much better now ^-^


Say hello~


A few emos with more to come; Ariel's emoset will be HUGE as she is an MC and a fave of mine. And just for fun, I did some wacko recolors XD

Xmas Version (though Christmas is over):


Blonde version:


Golden eyes (I was completely doing these at random...)


Evil version?


Enjoy! ^-^


-Jeff-Andonuts's Eunike


What would you do-o-o, for a Klondike bar metallic hair? ^-^ I created Eunike with a Egyptian-age alchemist in mind, therefore she is a little resemblant to that. And yes yes, metallic hair! (I was practicing gold...*shamefaced*)

A full portrait emoset, a face as you requested, and a whole lot of pretty kohl-eyed girl coming right atcha. Enjoy!


Something's off about her face (it bothers me) and I don't know what, if you happen to notice something PLEASE tell me. Anyway, enjoy!




Do you guys remember that time way long ago when you voted to see who the next portrait would be? Well...I finally finished Coralie. She is my largest masterpiece in terms of portrait art so far, and probably will be for a long time! I started her way back when. Now, a few months and 29 layers later, here is your beautiful yet kick-butt princess, Coralie! <3


She was even more gorgeous at full percentage, but I had to shrink her to fit the Ace portrait sizes. T^T I'm not going to make her emos for a long time because I'm tired of working on her (and I procrastinated on her anyway haha), but enjoy for now! Isn't she beautiful???? >< (Fruit of my labors...)


Sorry, I'm making a fuss. Also thanks to Tukiji Nao for the strawberry hair idea :3




Meet Elise from Ariel.



Without bow:



Without hat:



She looks like Cecillia O_o Wait a moment....



It's Cecillia! Cecillia, you inspire me even unconsciously. ^-^"

-Jeff-Andonuts's Xander (10 and 18 years versions)




Also part of the Ariel series ^-^ Lorelle has an older twin, she's the daughter of the late leader of a secret government-rebelling organization, and can't fight unless you count her umbrella clumsiness. She's sweet, warm, and gullible, but also sensitive. At least in my mind. You can make her evil if you want or something, though she honestly doesn't look the type to me.




-Sughayyer's Lucy


Here's Lucy, a stern-faced, green-haired elf for a request.


Enjoy! No emoset, though.




Iris, the rainbow goddess, is part of FEBRUARY 2014 RESTAFF.



-RESTAFF: Thetis (see matching Battler)




Thetis is a Greek naiad/water spirit, often described as silver-footed.



I'm back! I have a new portrait for you ^^


Safire, from Ariel (as you can tell I'm working my way through the Ariel cast):


Looks comfy to sleep in~

Safire is one of my fave, FAVE characters from the story/game...plus the ringlets were just a lot of fun to do =^-^= 

Here's a base, for you artists who'd like to give her a different set of clothes:

Since it's a base, technically you could call it NSFW =.=



...O_o I apologize. I didn't realize her chest was so big. I'm usually a conservative artist as you can tell...Now I feel weird. >.>





Another portrait base, this time a neko! ^^





Anyway, a resource for you guys today. Say hello to Louisa, also part of the Ariel series--I've only made the base so far, and I'll continue working on her later~





Also from the Ariel cast. I'm really starting to get through them =^-^= Lisbet is neat, orderly, and peaceful. She is in line with life. ^-^


Base, per usual. Enjoy!






Lilian is Ariel's best friend. (I think I should really make a topic for my Ariel chars, but--nahhh. Too lazy ;p) I spent a good deal of time cleaning up the coloring around her curls, which I have to say I'm proud of. I think my hair coloring has gotten better since I did my last ringlets in that style (Coralie, since Safire's curls are slightly different.) That modest, slightly cloudy look on her face will be rarely used when I finally make a game with full emos--she is extremely expressive ^-^ Lilian likes shopping, beaches, and scones. ^-^



Hey look! Tsarmina FINALLY made a resource that isn't just a base so people can actually use the resources in their games! It's been a while. It's just that bases are so handy, especially for outfit swaps to match sprites. 


You might remember her from an art tutorial on eyes that I did, like, a couple months ago. (Sorry I haven't updated the minilab. I'm just lazy with tutorials haha). Well, her hair is finally colored, and I think she looks awesome. (The shading on her lips was nicer at 200% though T_T) There's a reason why her hair is so long--but that's not really something I'll be talking about here~ Speculate all you want; I'd enjoy it.

Dawn likes fire, fantasy tales, and hates politics. (There's a reason for that, too.)


-Tina (aka Red Riding Hood)

Update!! ^-^


Introducing a new character, Tina. Who, in theory, could definitely be a Little Red Riding Hood...uh, minus the hood. But I'm not good at drawing hoods!...I can make her a cap later. XD


Tina is also from Ariel. She's a twelve-year old archery prodigy and is totally sweet, sweet little girl. <3 I've heard there are a lot of fanfics out there about Little Red falling in love with the Wolf or something crazily convoluted like that. Well, here she is.

Though at her age, I guess that would just be creepy. ^^"


-Esthetique (Esther)


This is Esthetique from Ariel~ She goes by Esther for short. I have her in two awesome versions--hair down and hair up.

Hair up:


(1. Full with eyeshadow, 2. Full without eyeshadow, 3. Base with e/s, 4. Base without eyeshadow)

And untied hair:



If you look through my laboratory, you'll notice maybe that there's something special about Esther. See if you can figure out what it is!


-Otaku's Misaka Mikoto


Resource done today...for Otaku, I present Misaka Mikoto ^-^


This is for a fangame that he's making. As always, she looked better at 200% percent...




Introducing yet a new character (since I love portraits ofc), Susie.


And yes, she's actually BOTH a base and real portrait, so you guys can actually use her for your games and for your own art practice if you want! \o/ Double win. Enjoy. I had fun doing her eyes and skin ^^ And her hair too. Well, most of it. Well, almost all of it. I really didn't like doing the shirt because it was boring.

Well, it was kind of fun too.

Just accept the portrait. =.="




Well, here's a base for Azalea that I'll release today. I don't know if braids like this are physically possible, but it sure looks nice :3






He's just a base so far, and I know I could use a lot of work drawing guys. I'll be hopefully doing more of these in the future :3 Mostly just for practice, but if it works for you, it works.


-Tsarie-version RTP Actor Mira

I'm back with the promised portrait. :o It's a remake of the RTP Actor Mira!

SzihjDk.png VS 2ea6ae7274ba63d6e9c67af86d0dc402.png

Tsarie remake of portrait                             VS          RTP version (I don't know who made the full portrait, but it wasn't me)


-Li-Ying "Diana" Yang




Base. I hope you guys appreciate her, because I drew her all in one day--and then the Painter file got corrupted. So I had to start her all over, from scratch. And don't get me started on backups! Because guess what? The backups were corrupted too! *mind blown* So yeah, I redrew her in an hour or two. Hello, Asian hair :) Diana is also part of my Ariel series, yes she's Asian. Her name is Li-YIng "Diana" Yang (洋丽滢) which means "pretty" and "clear." Her last name means "sea."




Anyway, back into the rhythm. The new portrait is Reyna, who sports an incredible side ponytail if I do say so myself :3 Side ponytail in question was inspired when I saw Serah Farron from Final Fantasy. Though I've never played the games myself, I happened to find a picture and decided long wavy side ponytails were officially cool. ^-^


A little background for Reyna; she has a (fraternal) twin named Eunice, she's part of the Ariel series, she has a smart mouth and a sassy attitude....basically our quintessential cool girl. ^^ I may update her ponytail...could use some extra strands....but for now she's staying as is.


-Noel who-you-could-also-use-as-a-Tsarmina-cameo :P





Whoa! Is it Tsarmina or what?

Well, when I first created Noel, who the portrait is, I didn't have Tsarmina/myself in mind. But hey, she's probably the closest we'll get to someone who actually looks somewhat like me. So yay! It's me! It's Noel!

I did all the coloring today in like....an hour and a half....cleaning up those pigtails was seriously annoying. I don't know what's with me and long, swirly tied-up red hair recently. (Also, don't mention the uneven pigtail length...)


^-^ Enjoy!





This is Melanie...she is NOT a character in Ariel (nice to have a break from that, huh?) but she is an edit, actually. An edit of one of my own portraits....Lucy, if you can recognise her.


-Soizelle Ravenscar


Soooo, I got asked to join Ace Academy to fill in the role of the Fire/Lightning teacher, since he went MIA. No problemo! Here's the teacher:


Soizelle~ I made her in a hurry. I'm a busy person, okie? Anyway, feel free to use her if you like. 


Who is Soizelle though? Do you remember the 3 forms of Tsarmina? (Tsarmina, Minzy, and Ies) I discovered my fourth aspect recently, who is, yes, Soizelle. (pronounced swah-ZELL) She's the flirtatious side of me, the girly side who loves to dress up and wear cute clothes.


Obviously, she doesn't come out a lot. ^^


-RESTAFFMiku Hatsune


Miku portrait and face:


Save the face as $face.   Some anime stuff at last! I know you guys were waiting for it.


-Apple Portrait




-Veronique LeMarjiette i3dI1hw.png



My first TsarGen makes me so happy hehe ^-^ With a sprite too, based from the famitsu generator. Aren't you guys proud? I am! ^-^


-Nadeshiko (Diana Edit)

I had to remove Diana from Ariel, but I decided to combine her portrait with Nadeshiko's and we now have an interesting result. I don't really like it that much...I guess I'm not one for edits, hehe. ^^ 



Also, had some fun making a base of Nemesis! She's a model, meant to be very small and petite with a large head and lots of hair. LOTS. You can't see, but it falls all the way to the floor (and beyond. She's like Rapunzel. O_o) I used slightly thicker lines for her portrait, and I hope that doesn't end up clashing with my own artwork. (lol)







Sprite was generated by famitsu, edited by myself~

Save the face as $face.


-Elsa (Frozen)


In honor of one of my favorite animated movies of all time!


-Anna (Frozen)

Added up someone to match with Elsa 


I really should do more characters from movies and such. Also, I used to hate doing braids, and now I love them. XD I went a little cray-cray on the coloring but it's too much fun. Hehehe~



A portrait, but a tall one this time.   I also cropped/resized to fit my usual size, and added a face for good measure. o3o Isn't she pretty? I think so ^-^


Save the face as $face. 














The postman has arrived. You have mail!


Several versions lol ^^"









-Lady Finnghers


-Queen Cinnamon


-Brie V2

Brie's new portrait. I kinda don't wanna release her...she's miiiine....so I'm being stingy and just dropping her small portrait and face here ._. Sowwy...orz I'm protective like that of her. Hehe. Still, you at least get more content  :)



And yes, her portrait and face have different expressions. XD


-Ralph (RTP Actor)


ooo yeah. I wonder who this is?  ;) I definitely haven't seen him before in any RTP-based game ever....


The portrait sizing is a little awkward, mostly because I couldn't figure out what the bottom half of his armour was supposed to look like. ;_;


-Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY)


In honor of Monty Oum, who passed away  :( Creator of RWBY. Pyrrha is hands-down one of my fave characters <3


-Teal Girli3dI1hw.png

Hastily made. :<


-RESTAFF: Diao Chan












-Miss White Buni3dI1hw.png


Say hello to Miss White Bun (for lack of a better name), who is just a random little lady who does whatever you direct her to do.

If you want her sprite, you'll have to grab it off the Tuttenkanbo website, because that's who this portrait is for :3 So, not my sprite. She is a faithful portrait, though!







If you ever saw before, Elikka was a character from Ariel. I decided to finally finish her portrait, neo-style+TG.  B)

(As usual, two sizes and a face are available <3 Gives you some options to work with.  :))


-NowakSotto's Roman


-NowakSotto's Layken







Small versions:



-RESTAFF: Raspberry



Small versions:








The portrait was made from this sprite:



If you're interested in getting the sprite to match, grab him here at Hermit Crab! (Make sure to credit the site.)







How do you solve a problem like Marina.... :P (anyone know the reference? Teehee~)















(look closely; he has a really awesome flower star crown!)


-RESTAFF: Sports Dude



-RESTAFF: School Idol


-RESTAFF: Lab Nerd





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-mrmilkman's Koko Island Title Screen




The happy title screen for mrmilkman. All colors, no linearts involved ^-^  Below is the non-titled version.vpyidN2.png

And some clouds for you if you wanna animate them:



-RESTAFF: Frosted Windows Set



My Frosted Windows CG Set is for January's ReStaff

They were intended as a panorama but I decided to drop that, but a lot of them look similar. And yes, they are blurry on purpose. All my best CGs are blurry. ^-^


-Big Fat Mantis's Title Screen

65 layers later...


Mantis's Title Screen, at last!!!! *so relieved*


My first time ever drawing guns, to be honest. I tried my best. ^^ It took me so long to do this! About the equivalent of four portraits, most of which have way too many layers. I mean, I knew this would take a while, but 65 layers seems kind of excessive. O_o

I was going to put the title but couldn't figure out where...so yeah. I know my background skills are pretty  mediocre so here's a transparent background .png version:


-RESTAFF: Class Award Cuties ^^


Gatherer: Foraging and picking natural plants for food.



Herder: Shepherding animals like adorable sheep.



Horseriding: Wandering through the woods on horseback.


-RESTAFF: Autumn Trees~

Another CG. Autumn Trees~


-Wood Surface

To take a break from portrait work, I decided to let off some steam and just did a lazy background of a random wood surface today. I have no idea how this could be utilized, maybe as a notice board or something? Beats me. \o/ Feel free to use it as you see fit. ^^



-Metal Surface



A simple shiny metal screen with lilting grain and a hard light source. ^^


-Blue Sky with Clouds


A (rather bland) blue sky CG that probably isn't possible in real life.


-Wood Surface 2


Another wood CG, tried more for a birch-ish sort of look. Also went a little crazy with the knots ^^" The second knot reminds me of swirled pudding or something. XD


-Radial Grass (courtesy of Photoshop)


A really odd grass CG while I was messing around with blurs and soft shadows. O_o


-Night Sky with Stars


A night sky practice while I was working on brickbuster's screenie today.  :)


-Brickbusterx's Title Screen

TItled and nontitled vers. ^^


-RESTAFF: Garden CGs

My content for April 2014!


-ZoroarX's Mountain CG


Mostly it was because of the background and the metal texture. You have no idea how hard it is to meld that metal texture together as if it were real armor....my first time doing it, too. :3 But it's done, with a lot of help from EB's default battlebacks. Hats off to those who make them--they were lifesavers!


-RESTAFF: Sci-fi Cockpit




Watercolor Scifi cockpit for May


-RESTAFF: Gears-Theme Game Over


Cool color themes as usual, because I love me some cool color themes.  For May's ReStaff.


-Citrus Orange Letters Title

Here's a title/screen that I did for a contest yesterday, just to whip something up. (I could use the practice!) I was obviously working more on the title than the actual screen, as you can tell. Dunno if anyone can actually use this but feel free :) It's not for a game I'm making. I think I would love to do more fruit ones! This was too much fun <3



-KIWI Title Screen (3 versions)



-Angel Sky Title Screen (3 versions)


-Sunset Screen



-Game Overs (2 versions) Inverted Achromatics



-Target Game Over



-RESTAFF: Hogwarts Castle


I was originally going to draw just a fantasy castle on a hill....but it ended up becoming Hogwarts :3 References from the world of Harry Potter were used!


And of course they're blurry. What did you expect? 


-Light Overlays (544x416)


-Fog Overlay (544x416)



-Leaf Overlays (2000x2000)


-Looping Leaf Overlay



-Tsarmina Close-Up <3


Backgroundless and backgrounded. :3 It's formatted for the VXA game screen--the width is 544 pixels--but the height is a little tall. I guess you could scroll it or something, in the strange case you want me holding an ILY heart in your game. :S Maybe for credits or something. I dunno.


-Abstract Design Swatches Set I






-Flower Title2



It's a Title2, on transparent background. Pretty flowers, whee! :) I owe Pse for this one. These are their graphics. :)


-RESTAFF: Blue Water




-Wooden Board Background

I was working on a tutorial screen for Sugar Sweet today and decided to make a nice wooden board as the background. It's actually a blown-up version of part of the wooden sign in the RTP Outside_B that I retouched to make high-res again (and a little worn on the edges!)








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Wanna support my Laboratory? (You might not want to--it's hazardous! Nah, I'm just kidding.) Just highlight the bar and copy-paste into your signature!

6LOfEM3.png Put this in your sig to show support and spread the love (and art)!


2hUumgS.png My game, Sugar Sweet, using my content!


Support me!

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I had inspiration randomly for a battler, so here's a quick one for you 


Literally, the personification of a lily.


I also did recolors; a lavender version and a ghost version.




-RESTAFF: Thetis (see matching Portrait)



-Ruby Rose





-Meatbun/Peach/Upside-Down Heart/What-Have-You


Okay, so as you probably know, I've expressed on many occasions that I cannot do and never will do pixel art.

If you believed this, then you may consider me a liar T-T I decided to try my hand at some basic pixel art and came up with the entirely too-simple-yet-adorable...uh...thing. I started him out as a peach...but then he was too fat...and turned pink...I dunno. =.="

He comes in two colors so far: pink and gold. If you need any others just give me a holler because it's an easy Hue/Saturation adjustment.


He's from scratch. And he floats, as a bonus.


-Bread Slice


Another weird food sprite. In my opinion, not as great as the peachbun one, but still cute nonetheless.


He, too, bounces.


-Apple Sprite


Yet ANOTHER sprite...I'm just having a sprite wave. It's another foodie. I guess this could be used for a silly food-fight RPG or something.

It's an apple! YES--HE BOUNCES...



-Down sprites


Here I have a random (and not completely full) sheet of Down/Damage sprites. They're made from various sprites that I've gathered, so you have to properly credit...


The first girl is made with the generator, so just credit me. The first two on the second row, you must ALSO credit CarmenCMS, The girl with the red arrow is from usui.moo, the girl with the red pigtails credit GrandmaDeb, and the girl on the bottom left credit EB, w0lfie, and PentagonBuddy. (That's a lot of different credits...) And for all the others, you must also credit soramani kagome-kagome.

These aren't intended as rips or anything, and I believe that they can be edited.



-Sprite Outfits/Generator Parts


Today I decided on outfit swapping and therefore came up with a whole bunch of sprite pieces for you. They're mo paste-it-yourself rather than generator parts, but they'll do.  :) Credit Tabino Yadokari in addition to me.



Uh...yeah. Sorry about the one that's missing the last row O_o <(...)


So there you are, lots of spur of the moment sprite outfits, some of them are obviously for one gender and some can be used for both...enjoy!



EBOh0lJ.png Body-less head for a young lady. I believe the original is an edit by...uh...GrandmaDeb?

sEEplBV.pngFlower accessories lifted off the RTP Isabelle. I put it in as a sheet.

hiJNa6W.pngGems that go on one side of the head (that's why the second row is blank.)  The bottom row may require a little fiddling, but nothing you guys can't handle, right?  :)

Here are even more sprite generator/parts/pieces/what have yous for you all.


Thinking on it, these gen parts mixed with your own character heads would be great with MA's Composite Graphics or Victor's Visual Equip for outfit changes. XD

Credit Soramani (or Blog Between the Sky)



-Frontal Sprite NPC's




Across the top are Tsarie, Minzy (old ver.), and Ies

Second row are Minzy (new ver.), Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura), and Nunally vi Britannia (Code Geass)

Third row is Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass)

NOTE: Tsarie, Minzy, and Ies are my OCs. Use them with care!  :)


-Veronique LeMarjiette  i3dI1hw.png

ZQwko9b.png See matching portrait  :) 

-Ice Cream Sprites (3 vers)


Pick from 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate!~ And guess what--they BOUNCE  :D

-Tsarmina <3



A Tsarmina sprite ^-^ For those of you who want one! I'm working on the portrait. One of my friends requested a sexy Tsarmina soooo....I tried....but I'm not sure how it turned out. XD


-Extended Gate



A special gate that I had to edit for Celianna's castle--if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's in her parallax set. That way your castle's doors can actually open. This gate is an edit of the RTP one.   :)











-Lady Finnghers



An edit of one of T30's sprites  :)


-Lady Sitting



Orig size:





We now have a gardener in the house!   :)


Lavender, in her straw hat, will take care of all of your gardening needs! <3

And I spent a while making edits and doing pixel art to make her actually garden for you:



For those of you who don't understand how this works, the animation in-game looks like this:






-Queen Cinnamon



-RESTAFF: Diao Chan










Soramani gets partial credit for the hair c:





-Baskets of Stuff

Baskets of stuff.


These are interesting two-tile-tall baskets of random junk. Most of the stuff is default RTP material, but credit Ying for a few small things -- and me, because, yes, I used some of my own art to make these.  :) You can use these as parallax tiles or as events. The latter is handy because you can make your character "pick up" the basket by making it disappear/interactable.
















gabriel33.gifPage One (First post)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (You are here)  gabriel33.gif



Most of theese are RTP recolors, but the row third from the bottom contains icons that I made. (Notably, the sucky-looking ones.) I also put my recolors/icons with the original RTP set so it's easier to transfer to your games.   :)


The third row from the bottom is mostly mine. The little red shawl is an RTP edit (not a recolor), the orange dress is half edit and half hand-drawn, and the key lime pie, banana, lemon, lime, and strawberry are also completely mine.   :) The dress with the silk wrap is a dress/scarf combo that I edited, the sunflower thingy and the bow are both minor edits, the pencil is a major edit (yes, it is an edit   :)) and the pink bow is a recolor of my edit. Phew! Pixels still aren't my thing, I think. My icons are pretty bad right now, but I'm working! ^-^


-AlliedG's Gunshell Icons


Pretty self-explanatory  :P


-Candy Windowskin

The windowskin I made for Sugar Sweet. O:) It's very simple, nothing special.



-Vines Windowskin

It's meant to look a little scraggly but at the same time very light....in-game it ends up looking a little darker than you would expect though. Enjoy! 



-Lacy Windowskin





-SAO Windowskin




SAO windowskin I did for a request.


-Pink SAO


Pink windowskin based off of the SAO one that I thought I might use for Sugar Sweet instead of its current one owo


-Sunrise Windowskin



Creamy sunrise inspired by the Beloved Sacrifice title screen I did for raymi ^-^


-Night Windowskin



Nighty-night windowskin, because why not.   :D


I'm planning on having my gorgeous postman (yeah, you read that correctly) up today, if possible.   ^_^~


-Garden Windowskin





gabriel33.gifPage One (First post)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (You are here)  gabriel33.gif





-Parallax Map 1






-RESTAFF: Seasonal Tile Clumps!


Magicked up some tile clumps. (Summer, Fall, and a couple winter ones.) Credit Mack and Titanhex in addition to me.



-Looping A5 Tiles

Hey guyyysss. I started to creep into tile-making today, which, I discovered, is NOT my forte. Oh well. At least I tried.

Two tiles which loop (almost) seamlessly:


And screenies to show both of them:



-Autodesk Bedroom Set




They're already in tileset format, but no, they're not pixel art, so bahhh. I hope you like soft-style art tiles as well. ^^" Special thanks to Autodesk Homestyle for the design ideas.~


-Autodesk Gothic-and-Black Full Interior Set




A dashing set of Gothic and black tiles--a full interior house including 2 couches, 2 beds, 4 tables, 2 cabinets, 1 mirror, and 2 looping A5 tiles. WHEW! Is that enough for you guys?   :) Thanks to Autodesk for furniture ideas and reference once again!


-Exterior Plants Set



My first official self-created Exterior Plants tiles, including 2 trees, 3 bushes, and 1 sprouting seedling. Perfect for more realism-styled games--they aren't exactly RTP, I know ;_;


-Open Seashell Tiles

They don't really blend with....anything. :\ Oh well!  :D


They're meant for parallaxing, but they're set up in grid format if you want them for that too. ^-^


-Exterior Edits


Houses, trees, signs, random window? 


It was a good investment of time  :D I can't take all the credit, I borrowed a few tiles from Mack. ^-^ Those houses though...I'm happy with myself ^^


-Heart Throne



An edit of the Inside_B throne  :)


-Grape Trellis


I used tiles and icons and a bit of handiwork to create a grape trellis. :3

I have 3 versions: full, without grapes, and bare.



Here's what it looks like in-game: and yes this is a sneak peek at a screenie in Sugar Sweet   ;)



-Orchards Set


Orchards set edited from Mack tiles. Also give credit to Ying--I used the icons for some of the fruit trees.

...And yes. I know blueberries don't grow on trees like this....



-Road Tiles (usable in-editor!)


Road tiles! I made them as practice for Sugar Sweet, since there are cityesque and metropolitan areas in-game   :)


I know it looks very scary and confusing, but I promise you, look at it for a little while, place a 32x32 grid over it (or import it into the editor) and it'll make a LOT more sense.

Here's a demo screenie just to prove that I didn't throw a bunch of lines onto a grey background:


I threw together this (very quickly done) map using resources from others as well. Only the road tiles are 100% mine   :))


-House (Kitchen and Bedroom)



-Minerva-Belle's Bamboo Tile




-Kotori-chan's Gothic Wall Autotile


Credit Ayene-chan for the frame!


-RESTAFF: Food Organizer

They don't really belong here, but I wasn't sure where else to put them....



RESTAFF: Cinderella Shop Set






gabriel33.gifPage One (First post)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (You are here)  gabriel33.gif


-Angel Battler




I took her wings off and added in the hair, which did take a while as she's pretty detailed. Also removed her halo :3 The differences are easier to tell on a black background:



-Soldier Battler


This edit was so easy that it's not even funny...literally took me thirty seconds including opening, resizing, editing, and closing XD



-Succubus Battler


First I took off her wings...then her horns...then her tail...



-RESTAFF: RTP Angel Army



-RTP Ulrika Edit

Additional credit to Archeia for these as well. ^^


Made Ulrika a touch bit more feminine. It always bothered me for some reason   :o


-Fire Spirit Edit




The fire spirit with a slightly less scandalous dress, and with normal eyebrow variation...  :)


-Witch Cult?




Witch's hat   :)



Witch cult club? Haha. I have the orange Halloween grandma and the purple-blue mystic....


-Mrrn Edit




A slightly edited picture of Mrrn, because (no offense) I didn't really like her facial expression/eyes.   :)




Most Recent Update: 09/28/16: Nebula portrait.

Archived Updates:


10/19/13: Lab open for business! And explosions!

10/19/13: Change Log added, "Qualms" changed to DOGs.

10/20/13: New portrait WITH emoset!

11/03/13: New portrait added; two other variations ^-^

11/10/13: Added Ariana emosets~ 

11/16/13: Totally overhauled the Request section...^^

11/17/13: Have a support bar~

11/17/13: Added Cordelia. New portrait, yeah!

11/25/13: Vote your heart out!

11/26/13: Added Rapunzel portrait with emoset and all~

12/09/13: Added Toadette for organization--she is part of RESTAFF!

12/13/13: Added mrmilkman's Koko Island title screen! So proud XD

12/14/13: Ahaha, this doesn't really count as an update but I just HAD to add kaoanis~

12/15/13: Added the...uh...peach thingy sprite.

12/16/13: Added bread sprite, angel battler, soldier, and succubus battler variations! ^-^

12/17/13: Added apple sprite ^-^

01/01/14: Happy New Year! Isis has arrived in all her glory!

01/03/14: Added Ariel :3

01/17/14: Added Lily, my first (not really professional-style) battler.

01/19/14: Added a set of Down sprites, all of whom require additional credits. ^-^

01/19/14: Added Eunike at last! Metallic hair galoreeee!

01/20/14: Coralie is added, I'm SOOO proud! <3

01/23/14: Lots of sprite parts added  Additional credits required~

01/24/14: More sprite parts. My gallery is expanding O_o

01/25/14: Iconset is added. I know, they're bad.

01/26/14: Even MORE generator pieces. I'm thinking of doing some of these every day, just as a small piece of work.

01/28/14: A few more icons, nothing major.

01/29/14: Rehauled section for organization and added random junkies.

01/29/14: Ariel emos added. More coming soon ^-^

01/31/14: More gen parts. These are nice~

02/01/14: Gen parts. Also, processing requests. ^-^

02/04/14: Gen parts. 

02/05/14: Added Elise! It's been a while since the last portrait~

​02/10/14: Jeff-Andonuts has a request finished. Er, half finished. And gens, ofc.

02/11/14: New portrait; Lorelle is in the house~

02/14/14: Happy St. Valentine's DaySughayyer has a request done~

02/14/14: Tiles section with tiles and parallax maps! ^-^

02/16/14: Lucy edited at request.

02/20/14: Frosted Windows CG Set added.

03/02/14: Gunshell Icons.

03/02/14: RESTAFF Feb. stuff and Mantis Title Screen~ 

03/05/14: Safire portrait and base added ^^

03/07/14: Alexis (neko) base added~

03/09/14: Louisa base added. ^-^

03/10/14: Lisbet base added~

03/14/14: Dawn and Lilian added--I love them ^-^

03/16/14: Tina/Red Riding Hood added as a portrait (not a base). <3

03/28/14: Esther added in two variations with makeup choices. XD

03/30/14: Otaku's request for Misaka Mikoto done--only x characters to go.

04/03/14: March ReStaff content from me added. Check it out!

04/03/14: Lorelle emos. Someone has an attitude!

04/04/14: Susie added, base AND portrait ^^

04/05/14: Lame A5 tiles added, haha.

04/07/14: Azalea and her loose braid are both here. XD

04/08/14: Random wood background. Stress reliever \o/

04/10/14: Nick base added. First guy, too :x

04/17/14: 4 new CGs added. They were meant as practice but turned out as usable ^^

04/19/14: Request title screen and a batch download link ^-^ Now you can download all the content at once!

05/03/14: New bedroom tiles added! Enjoy them; it was hard work :x

05/12/14: April Restaff content uploaded!

05/23/14: Added/updated frontal-facing NPCs.

05/25/14: Zoroar X request done and 100% finished, at long last!

05/31/14: May ReStaff content added. Who wants some sci-fi?

06/01/14: Tilesets added--FULL black interior set and plenty of exterior plants!

06/01/14: RTP Mira Actor portrait remade in Tsarmina-style  

06/05/14: Diana portrait added. Oriental Asianness is awesome!

6/07/14: Reyna portrait added. GO REDHEADS!

06/08/14: New title screen! Citrus fruit~

06/12/14: Me portrait...er...Noel portrait...added :3 I love candy-red hair!

06/14/14: Melanie portrait edit added!

06/17/14: A huge BUTTLOAD of content! Bye guys for 1.5 months, I'll miss you! ;_;

07/27/14: Soizelle portrait added ^-^ So pwetty~~

07/29/14: June ReStaff content has been put up!

08/02/14: New batch of overlays and fogs added and a new full download link! 

08/05/14: Seashell tiles in a very unique style.

08/16/14: With love, a Tsarmina CG. <3

08/23/14: Color swatch set I, with about 18 different swatches!

08/28/14: RTP edits--my rarest works of art ^^

09/17/14: Title 2 featuring Photoshop flowers~

09/29/14: Miku Hatsune! Get ready for some Vocaloid!


10/15/14: My first i3dI1hw.png! The pride is real ^-^

11/04/14: Updated apple sprite with smoother frames...and a crown :3

11/09/14: Restaff material and two portraits, hehehe~~~~~~


11/23/14: Updated house edits for door purposes and a lovely portrait of Elsa.

11/29/14: Brie character material added. owo

12/01/14: Omri portrait (and face) added ~ such love

12/02/14: Windowskin! Gimme candy owo

12/05/14: Ashure and her pretty pink curls have arrived >w<

12/15/14: Portraits n sprites put up!

12/17/14: Windowskin put up.

12/22/14: Sprite additions 

12/23/14: Added PSF sets, Elsa sprite and face, and Jessamine full set!

12/24/14: XMAS ReleaseNew PSF set! Love y'all! XOXOXO

12/28/14: Lacy purply windowskin-y ^^

12/30/14: New bunches of windowskins.

12/30/14: You have mail!! (the postman is here.)

01/05/15: Tiles and sprites added~

01/10/15: Lavender PSF+ 

01/13/15: Tsarmina portrait added ^-^

01/16/15: New PSF set--the lovely Minthe.

01/19/14: 2 new PSF sets: Lady Finnghers (with a bonus!) and Queen Cinnamon!

01/30/15: Orchards tile edits!

01/31/15: Brie version 2--she looks much cuter <3

02/07/15: Ralph says rawr.

02/08/15: Pyrrha Nikos, the invincible girl~

02/14/15: Happy Valentine's Day! A teal portrait for you.

02/15/15: Road tiles added!

02/25/15: New house cluttery tile goodness.

04/06/15: March ReStaff content updated!

04/07/15: Rose PSF set~

04/10/15: The Lab is sadly forced to expand due to incredible size as a result of OP-ness. =.=" Also, added new content.

05/03/15: Alice portrait and face added.i3dI1hw.png

05/31/15: Ruby portrait is up~

06/26/15: Miss White Bun's portrait makes an appearance.i3dI1hw.png

07/05/15: Violette PSF set.

07/09/15: Copre PSF set~

07/10/15: New portrait(s) and baskets of stuff (events!)

08/05/15: New portrait request.

08/08/15: Second portrait request finished.

08/16/15: Margaux PSF added *runs off*

08/30/15: Hairen's done. Ahhhh *Q*

09/19/15: Aerik portraits done.

09/26/15: Marina portraits and pretty new headers!

11/07/15: Wooden board background~

11/24/15: Tsarmina and Eleine portraits. 

01/04/16: Old Restaff stuffs.

01/18/16: The new year restaff, full of delicious characters!

02/06/16: Grace portrait.

03/02/15: Restaff

04/30/16: Sebastian portraits and facesets.



gabriel33.gifPage One (First post)   gabriel33.gif Page Two (You are here)  gabriel33.gif


Wanna support my Laboratory? (You might not want to--it's hazardous! Nah, I'm just kidding.) Just highlight the bar and copy-paste into your signature!



Put this in your sig to show support and spread the love (and art)!




Commission me if you want some even more customised content, perfectly tailored just to you!




My game, Sugar Sweet, using my content!


Support me!

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After the "CATs," I really was expecting something for "DOGs."  :) Hmm...maybe Directly Observable Guidelines or "DOGs." I don't know, just trying to make it fit and it sounds better than qualms.




I like what you have posted so far. Most artists are nitpicky (I prefer "critical") of their own work. I know I am. :)

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Yeah, I'm still thinking up something for DOGs. (I really wanted it, since I'm just like that.) Yeah, I'll probably replace Qualms with DOGs, but let me brainstorm first XD

Yes, I'm pretty critical, I think. And not just of my own work ^^" Sometimes I feel harsh...


Edit: Replaced Qualms with DOGs! :D

Edited by Tsarmina

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Hi Tsarmina! I like your style! I'm making an RPG (of course) that starts on an island with a volcano. I see you can do landscapes and was wondering if you could make an image of the island, probably for a title or cutscreen. Here are my maps for reference: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/19311-koko-island/. It would also be really cool if you could draw some clouds in a separate image that I could animate across the screen. Here's bad computer drawing of what I'm thinking: 




Perspective wise the island would probably be flatter, and it would be awesome if you could add in some of the map details like the forest with big mana tree, lone house, and village. But feel free to create whatever your heart desires! Thanks for doing requests!



Edited by mrmilkman

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Hi mrmilkman!

Yes, I do landscapes. However, you may want to be warned that they are not my specialty, though I can do them :) I took a look at your reference maps and tried to replicate the effect. (However, it may not be what you were looking for...)

I'm a believer in concept art so I can fix issues early on, so I did a very rough...sample...for you:


I didn't do a view of the entire island because then you wouldn't be able to see much detail. :\ So I just did on side, with the middle volcano shifted to the right, and I hope that's okay >.<

Check off the concept art, and I'll keep working! :D

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Hi again Tsarmina! I really like the concept art, looks exactly as I imagined. My only suggestions: have the village sit in line with the volcano on the x-axis. It's ok to back off the image and have some forms be suggested rather than detailed, it might even be neat to show that the island is secluded showing a large expansion of ocean. Feel free to work on a canvas larger than the title screen, I can re-size (if that's ok with you). I love the "painted" style you have, you can use whatever brushes or effects to accentuate that style. If people have a hard time telling if it is painted or digital, I think that'd be really cool. But the bottom line is: whatever you create I'll probably like a lot, do what you think will look good. Thanks for the quick response! I'm gonna get back to working on my game.



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Oh good, concept art checked off. Well, one domino down, now the art just has to be set in motion! ^-^

Okay, I'll have the village sit in line. :) Yeah, I'm fine with resizing (it's in the CATs) since I'm spatially challenged, I'm actually working on a 1088x832 screen, but I downsized it a lot so it wouldn't take up too much room. 

Well, I actually don't use the same style I used in the sample ^^" It was just because I wanted to show what it'd be like with color. I'm usually a soft-shading stylist when it comes to color design, etc, but Corel Painter has practically unlimited ways to simulate natural media!

I "follow" this topic so I know when people post, so I can get back to them fast! :) Good luck with your game! Making the actual screen may take a while, especially since the weekend is drawing to a close T-T

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Update! New portrait with emoset! 

I made Biddy from Great Expectations. You can look below or see the original showcase post. I don't know why my spoiler tags don't work sometimes...:\


For anyone who's read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, I'm making a game based on the book! So here's my portrait for Biddy; I went ahead and made emosets for her...


Thanks to Penta again for the base :3


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Original work for some compensation...?

If you're talking about for a piece of art that you don't want me to share with others, there's a rule in the CATs. (I can use and share.)

Really, though, for requests I don't need anything in return >.< That's very kind, though!

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For Amberique, Biddy, or Sarah/Vivaldi? :)

I usually use Corel for coloring, it's much better than Photoshop XD

I lay down flats with the Fine Camel brush, overlay colors with Basic Round, then use Fine Pen for highlights and smooth it out with Just Add Water~

Now I'm going to stop giving away my secrets ^-^

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You totally should :) I fell in love with Corel maybe half a year ago. The natural media brushes and options are incredible.


Just to let others know, I probably won't get any work done until this weekend. Normally that's how I have to do my art >.< So sorry, guys!

Edited by Tsarmina

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It's work like this that makes me want to stop putting off learning to draw...

I especially like the hair on all of them

Can't say I was a fan of Great Expectations, but Biddy looks great!
Good luck on your project!


Hopefully I enjoy it more than the book :P


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@Dmariin: Yeah, I actually didn't really like the book either! Well, at first, and then I fell into a sort of love-hate relationship with it. Turns out the book goes a lot faster once you read it once. Before you know it, I'm finishing the book in a day, tops.

I love doing hair ^-^ It's an ultimate love of mine. Though sometimes it turns out as one of the explosion experiments. I wanted to make Biddy pretty, but still sorta messy in a nice lovable way. 


After all, she is Pip's former love interest :)


Anyway, I'm done rambling. :) Gotta wait until the weekend until I can draw again...I'll probably do Biddy Ver. 2.0. When she's all neat and clean and not so messy anymore...

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Hey guys...

Meh, sorry. I said I was going to get some junk experiments done over the weekend so I could introduce some new things (and work on mrmilkman's request map), but sadly, that isn't happening. Sorry. Friday was a total wreck for me, and Saturday was some big celebration that lasted several hours, and I was hardly home at all. And today, I just woke up about two hours ago and dizzy from lack of sleep >.<

However, I'll try my best to get some work done over this week, though it's not likely, and @mrmilkman: I've laid down a slightly neater base to work from for your screen. Trying to get Painter to cooperate =.="

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Cool! I'm looking forward to it. Currently my laptop is undergoing surgery (the screen was mysteriously broken while I was at work) but I'll be ready to put it in the game when your done. No more generic RTP screen!

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Oh, dear. I hope it's okay, then. I'm actually too lazy to make my own screens, but I make screens for others? Heehee~

And by the way, akhriat, I'm working on your room :D

I haven't forgotten about you~

Edited by Tsarmina

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Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm trying to work on it, but my ADD is getting in the way and for a little while I just can't work on it. :\ I really should take advantage of this weekend and do it, but...argh. Just sorry >.<"

On a different note...


Hey, guys! I actually am getting stuff done this weekend. Of course, the portrait I'm working on is still a WIP; I haven't even gotten the lineart completely clean yet. I still don't understand how I got Biddy done so fast =.=" But she's coming along.

I think after this I'm going to force myself to finish the two screen requests I got, and then maybe I'll finish up a CG of Miss Havisham for you guys to see ^-^ I think I made her too mild for a...er...unstable woman.

Sorry for rambling! I'll try and get my current proj done, and for my requesters, I'm soooo sorry! T-T

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