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Item/skill/equip menu/battle descriptions getaround

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How do you guys get around the very limited space rpg maker provides us for the descriptions of your skills/items/equips ? Is there a script that I'm unaware of that increases the height of the description window ?


Finally, if you decided to create image tooltips (like in mmorpg's) for every item/skill/equip in the game with all the information the player needed inside that image, would you need a script in order to display that tooltip over the menu cursor / battle menu ?

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1. It is not hard to change the size of the window but you would have to do it for your own windows.


For example, if you add this to your scripts


class Scene_MenuBase < Scene_Base

  def create_help_window
    @help_window = Window_Help.new
    @help_window.viewport = @viewport
    @help_window.height = 144
Now it's bigger for all menu help windows. You'll have to change it for other scenes as well like the battle scene.


2. Yes, but you'll probably also need a mouse cause tooltips don't really work with a keyboard.

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