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by Estriole


 - gab window in any scenes
 - set the gab window position
 - set the gab window z value
 - set the gab window height
 - set the base time and time for text for the gab window
 - use different call for modded position etc so it won't break existing project
 - draw face feature
 - draw icon feature



 -Gab Window
 put my script below yanfly script


How to Use
read the script header







Credit and Thanks
- Estriole

- Tsukihime


Author Note

 This script created because i want more control over gab window. any suggestion

Free to use in all project (except the one containing pornography)
as long as i credited (ESTRIOLE)

Edited by estriole

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One thing about this script estriole, it doesn't seem to work right with Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle System Add-On: Free Turn Battle (ftb).


If I press RIGHT ARROW KEY and end my turn, the enemy doesn't seem to attack and just ends the enemies turn and lets you select skills again.

Edited by Rockstar

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strange. i didn't touch battle scene at all. and i alias thing in scene base. so as long as the Scene_Battle called super in start and terminate it won't goes wrong... (which most scripter would usually do).


maybe try this out:

moving yanfly battle script ABOVE this script.


if it don't work out. try creating a small demo (below 5mb please my internet is slow) for me to check it out.


edit: i try putting ace battle engine and ftb script. and the enemy attack normally even when i press right arrow key to end my turn.

so i cannot replicate your bugs. (and i think that bug not because my script :D).


i have updated the demo to include the ace battle system and ftb battle system addon as proof. (same dropbox link).

you can download it and see it working just fine.


so i guess there something wrong with your project. try uploading the project (below 5mb please) with all your script in same position as your actual project.

i'll try to find what's wrong in your project.

Edited by estriole

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I PM'd you a demo. :)


EDIT- I fixed it, I think, I have no clue how but I did (lol). 


All I did was move these guys: 51LPU.png All the way to the bottom of all the scripts and it got fixed. :o


But I encountered another problem :( that affects the battle. Somehow when I attack, the top of the screen just shows my name instead of the skill being used.

Like so:


Edited by Rockstar

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ok i'll try to look it out. i already download the demo. but don't expect result soon :D. since i might not find the problem right away. :D


edit: LOL found it. it's not script problem / conflict like i suspected.

i try disabling all script that involve with Window_BattleLog and it still occur. (you have 5 scripts that modify that class).

thanks TDS for his script disabler. make things a lot easier.


then i open the database. go to skill tab. and notice that you forgot putting the action message. so it will only show skill user name. :P.

try filling that in your actual project and see does it fix the problem.


for your first problem that got fix by moving the script. it's because sometimes yanfly script overwrites (it happen once with my addon to yanfly class script. it need to be put below yanfly class system and yanfly aftermath because there's overwrite there). another scripter might also overwrite things. so putting my addon at the bottom is better. since i alias the method.

Edited by estriole

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Well now estriole, it seems you found my problem! Thanks a bunch for all your help, I'm no coder but I am a Photoshop artist so I sometimes have trouble in the coding department. ;)
I'm going to make a bunch of rpg maker resources and release to the community as a show of my thanks. :D

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What about the ability to draw a given event's character graphic for gab text?

Aside from the event/character graphical piece scripts like Modern Algebra's Composite Graphics and Victor's Visual Equipment,

I know that I would like to have it so that when an event is talking, their character icon depends on what their graphic looks like, so I don't always have to condition that. Among other uses.



How do I put quotations in mid-string?

My text is

  text = "("Now I'm going to need Leroy\n"+
  "to disguise me again...")"
gabmod(text, 1, nil)

Which means

("Now I'm going to need Leroy to disguise me again...") 

The quotations inside of parentheses is to signify inner thought

Edited by Moo

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