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Survival horror where you need to gather food
and supplies at day while making sure you have enough
time to get back to your hideout before night comes.
Set in a nightmarish factory world.

Playtime is roughly 1 hour.





"Another dreary sunday.
At least, I think it's sunday.
It's hard to tell for sure.
Everything blurs together here, and the
fog of memory lends a strange cast to


Hours of laying on a bed staring at the
rusty ceiling can make anyone feel strange,
but I don't think that's it.
I haven’t talked to anyone in awhile.
That’s the first thing that crept up on me.
Now it's hunger and thirst.
I have no idea where I am. It could be
another dimension, for all I know.
Maybe I am.
The heaving, incoherent screeching
and strange sounds. I am sure I have
never heard them anywhere but here.
I should probably stop thinking too much
about it, or I will not be able to muster up
the courage to go outside."








From intro


A meeting


Checking for food


More intro





Scripts by:

V.M of D.T

Mr. Bubble


Casper Gaming





modern algebra

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I've gotta say, your other games have been really interesting, and this one's looking like it will be great as well

I like the mood your projects usually set, it's a really great horror atmosphere that a lot of horror works seem to lack

I might have to give this one a go

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Yep, I put alot of thought on that kind of stuff, ambience and moods, that is.

This is probably my best work in that regard so far, I'm pretty happy with especially the ambience and sound design in this game actually.

Give it a go, it's pretty short and hopefully you will feel that it was time well spent!

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I've been playing a bit of your game, and I must say, I absolutely love it. The feel of the game is perfect, thank you for creating this! It reminds me kind of playing an old other game "Grave Spirit."


Edit: And I've just beaten it. Wonderful and chilling. I enjoyed the ending. I also think it was just as long as it needed to be. You are definitely now on my list of favorite devs.

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Thank you erichermit, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Also, happy new year!



Dude! You've really gotta stop making games likes these!!! I can't finish my own game just

cause the games you're making are so cool!!! I can't wait to play it!! =D


You really got a thing for creating a sense of uniqueness and atmosphere!


I played your other games and it was really good too!!!


Keep making more games like these man!!! Just sending out my respect and passion for your games!!! 

(haven't even played it yet)

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Well, I just played Rust and Blood in one sitting (not that it should be otherwise) and I think it's fantastic. You definitely nailed the setting and the sound. I like how you spread the setup story throughout the game. Added a nice touch and as you made progress in this eerie place you also made progress in the story of how you ended up here. Very interesting concept. The graphics were excellent and set the scene (I particularly like the spinning gears). Did you do them yourself? 



**SPOILERS** (Don't read on until you've played)


I loved your game as is but figured I should give you something more constructive than just telling you how great it is.

So, some things that might be considered.


I think the day could progress a little slower. I realize this is a staple to the tension but there were so many interesting things to see in this game and I felt like I had to return to my house before time ran out too often. For the length of the game it was fine. Any longer though and I would have liked to remain outside a bit longer. (I also noticed nothing really happened after time ran out...though it still terrified me and had me running back.)


There was a lot of stuff happening in the basement. Someone in the bed, noose and crying, laughing faces, tentacles in the walls...maybe some I'm forgetting...I felt like it was giving me a hint of what was happening inside the characters head...what meaning death held for him...I would have liked to see more of this sort of thing...Its ambiguity was fine but I would have enjoyed seeing even more throughout the game. It added a lot and made me think...Even if I was just thinking "What the hell is going on?!" 


The intro was doing something weird for me. My desktop icons were sort of flashing "through" the game. This only happened during the intro and cut scenes ( I think...) I wonder if it has something to do with my computer settings (hasn't happened on other games) or if it's a certain script you're using.


Finally, and this is one of the most important ones for me. Where are the credits?? This game was fantastic I'd like to give some credit to someone. Even if you listed it on the forum where I downloaded it from it should still be in the game. Give yourself some credit!



Very nice work! Highly recommended!

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Thanks fathippie (it feels like an insult writing out your name btw) for the feedback.

A few points I'd like to address:

Sure I could probably tweak the days length in either direction but I'm pretty pleased with the current length, myself.

It's just enough to do the stuff you need to with some time to spare if you know what you are doing.

It's nice that you watch the scenery (I love people that do that), but I'd like to keep the game suspenseful and not too much of

a sightseeing trip.


Glad you enjoyed the small "events", which there are most of in the cellar as you say.


Dunno why the desktop icons would flash for you during the intro, maybe you have ghosts in your computer?


I completely forgot about credits. Maybe I will add those at a later time if I decide to update the game for whatever reason.


In conclusion, thanks for playing and especially for giving feedback. I'm glad you found it enjoyable.

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