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A short surreal role-playing game touching on themes of censorship and influence. 

Bearing similarities to the indie games OFF (Mortis Ghost) and Yume Nikki (Kikiyama), 

Paracentric exposes the player to a world of limitations featuring abstract architecture and a satisfying story.


Game Time: 20-30 Mins

**Headphones are Recommended**



Story / Setting / Purpose:

Ragged, tired, and worn out, Zeiss the Locksmith becomes lost on his way home from work. Traveling the endless void, Zeiss soon finds a door next to a talking sign, known as the Icono. 

He learns that the three senses (Sight, Taste, and Sound) have been outlawed by the King and Queens. With no other way to go, Zeiss enters the first door and enters a world of nightmarish surrealism. Citizens walked blind, their eyes caved in and Zeiss can't help but feel he is being watched. Luckily a greedy merchant, named Vomero,  decides to keep Zeiss in tact as he travels across the three senses in hopes of returning home. 


Character Bios:


     A locksmith who becomes lost in a void on his journey home. Wielding only the tools of his craft, Zeiss hopes to soon return to the comfort of his home. 



   The Icono are a species we have seen since the earliest ages of time. They take the form of help signs and are known for changing location without uprooting. 



   A greedy merchant who uses the Icono to hide from the King and Queens of each world. He hopes to sell his merchandise to gullible citizens in hopes of striking it rich. Yet, he aims to help

Zeiss by selling him specified items for his own reasons. 



  The Queen of Sight has outlawed vision all across her realm. What was once a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice is now a monstrous creature who aims to rule her domain and stay unseen by her subjects for all eternity.  



  The Queen of Sound has outlawed all sound across her realm, leaving only a bothering deafness. A woman once interested in vocal puzzles has become a screeching siren that calls all of her victims, with a triple eyed gaze, to her Chaos Theater to perform numerous pieces for a deaf crowd.



   The King of Taste has become greedy. Finding happiness in the foods he devours, Gulsto has outlawed Taste, allowing only him to devour everything and anything. When resources run low, citizens begin to disappear.




Produced by DreamMach



Directed and Written by 

Benny Rodriguez



Art, Sound Design, and Programming by

Rejon "MaximumCrash" Taylor-Foster


Level Design and Eventing by

Austin Campbell



Extra Sound Effects by 

Jesse "SleepytimeJesse" Martin



Free Movement Script by 

GaryCXJk Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported



Window Slide Script by 

Khas Arcthunder


Battleback EX by



Audio Encryption by 



Old School Modern Tileset 

© 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Jason Perry


Special thanks to


Family and Friends


Mortis Ghost














Puzzles, Atmosphere, and Surrealism









Known Issues:

Minor text wrapping issue on Game Battle Init. Other than that nothing to worry about. If there are bugs please email: dreammach@outlook.com

Edited by Crash

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Wow this looks amazing it does however remind a tad bit of Earthbound/Mother3 with them backgrounds of extreme epilepsy XD JK But it looks nice Ill have to try it now!

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Nobody wants to comment on how freaking cool this game looks? Or even how weird it is in general? 'Cuz it's pretty weird in general and looks pretty cool but it's still really awesome!

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Download is broken, so closing this until we're pm'ed to reopen with a fixed dl.

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