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by Estriole



 Want to have actor which will become enemy later? after you raise his/her level
 and give him/her good equipment. suddenly s/he goes back against you...
 or you just want to create something like suikoden IV where you can battle your
 friends for exp.


 - Enemy copy actor stats
 - Enemy copy actor trait
 - Enemy use both actor and enemy traits.
 - Enemy copy some of actor stats (only hp, only atk and def, etc)
 - Enemy copy actor stats and some modded by percentage
 - Enemy use actor attack skill id (need yanfly weapon attack replace script)
 - Can change enemy equipment (affect stat and attack skill id)
 - Compatibility with custom enemy AI
 - Built in Compatibility with yanfly weapon attack replace.

 - yanfly weapon attack replace script

How to Use
read the script header



Credit and Thanks
- Estriole

Author Note

I'm a bit busy at work so maybe no more new scripts for time being (unless something really interest me)


Free to use in all project (except the one containing pornography)
as long as i credited (ESTRIOLE)

Edited by estriole

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I've been looking for a good actor clone script like this! It'll be really useful, that Suikoden party training thing sounds like a good event to try!

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Nice! This is perfect. A 3-part trilogy I plan on making with branching scenerios has a path where the main character could turn evil & become the final boss. Thanks for the script!

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according to victor post in that page. there's no way to implement it to enemy. since that script modify the actor battle command.


you might want to change to yanfly weapon attack replace script instead. since it's already supported in my script.



see the demo on how to create placeholder attack skill.. basically just tag the skill with notetags:


that skill will transform to actor attack skill (also calculating class, and weapon)

Edited by estriole

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yes there is a way with skills. using skill formula box.




slot id => 0 for weapon, 1 for shield i think, i don't remember correctly.

equipment => $data_weapons[1] to equip first weapon in weapon database.

                       $data_armors[1] to equip first armor in armor database.


hope i explain clearly.


you could see in the demo. there's a skill named Equip Muramasa.

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This is a very nice script. :)


Instead of creating different characters in the enemy database that would match up an actor from time to time, this one is the solution. Nice one :)

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This is a wonderful script! Definitely something I would like to use. Question, though. I'm new to Ruby, and I was trying to do some tests with this, but upon copying the script over, I didn't see it working. No name changes, no ability copies, no stat changes -- nothing. I'm just getting into scripting, because it's something I basically need to do in order to work on some of the projects I have, but I do have a pretty firm understanding of coding from a base sense. At any rate, I was really hoping someone could point out what I'm doing wrong.

List of what I've done:
Copied the script over
In the note of the enemy I want to copy an actor, I put <actor_enemy: x> with the corresponding ID replacing 'x'.

I... looked for a while but didn't notice any correlation on what else I would need to do/change/put, but I'm positive I missed it somewhere, so if someone knows, please tell me! :)

Thanks in advance!

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you could try downloading the demo and see how i set it up. it might easier to understand than wall of text :D.


but still... basically:

<actor_enemy: 1>

on enemy notetags will transform that enemy to actor 1 (name, stat, equipment, etc)

(you still need manually to set the graphic though)


for enemy using actor skill... you must still use the editor to set what skill can be used by that enemy (manual)

since you can already use victor / other people script to set the enemy skill condition

(example you don't want that enemy to use Swordslash if the actor didn't learn it)

that's why i didn't make that feature.


the only thing supported is only enemy using actor normal attack skill (example: Estriole Attack draining some hp on the process)

by tagging a placeholder skill with <use_actor_attack>.

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Right, but I opened up a new file, just for tests, so the default first slot is Eric. I went to the Slime, after copying the script over, and put <actor_enemy: 1> in the notetag, and then did a battle test, but nothing about its HP, Name, or anything changed. Is there something else I'm not doing to first start copying the actor over to an enemy?

 did read the demo and I read the script itself a lot, so I know there are a lot of other things I need to look into, depending on how I want the script to act, but I don't know why it's not working on the basic stuff. 

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ah yes... i just notice... since i test it using yanfly battle engine and it doesn't show "emerges" message.

the emerge message still use the original name... but when you try targeting the enemy it will show the actor name...


I updated the script to v.1.2 to fix that issues

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This would have been very useful in my project had it not been saturated with external scripts upon discovery of this script. I have a playable antagonist for crying out loud!


EDIT: Crap. I just necroposted, didn't I?

Edited by Ctelin Ajira

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